Saturday 14 October 2023

Winding down

We had lovely weather over the Thanksgiving weekend, so I finally got the yard work completed. The annuals were pulled from the containers, I cut back a few of the perennials, and the lawn was mowed. We're heading into some cooler weather, so I'm assuming I won't have to mow again this fall, so the mower was moved around to the garage. 

The long range for the week we are moving looks less than favourable, so I decided I'd best get the shed and decks cleared as well. The photo from Wednesday included tubs and boxes of items stored in the shed, along with a box containing the small stereo, a heater, and a small shop vac that I kept in the sun room. The deck chairs and tables were brought in too. There are a pile of items destined for the dump on the front patio - tucked behind the evergreen so the neighbours won't be annoyed. I'll have the items removed the day after the cleaners are done. The larger items including shepherd's hooks and garden tools have been stored in the garage for now. 

All I have left are several containers that will be going to my daughter's, and some that will need to find new homes. I've listed five of them on FB Marketplace as well as local buy/sell groups. I did offer some to a neighbour but she thought about it and declined the offer. The movers will not take the containers with dirt in them (not sure why), so I'll have to load them in my car, if I can't get rid of them before we move. 

On Tuesday, I did a little shopping: cat litter, AAA batteries, and a drop off at Value Village. Yes, I keep finding more stuff to donate. But the big task of the day was going to the pharmacy for my Covid and flu shots. I arrived ahead of time, knowing there would be paper work. Good thing as apparently, since I'd booked on-line, no one in the pharmacy seemed to aware anyone had an appointment. Once in their system, they then had trouble printing of the needed documents. Eventually though, everything was straigtened out and I had both vaccines. They did ask me to stay for 15 minutes, but after wandering the store for about 5 minutes, I decided to head to the car. The only after affects were sore arms, one shot in each, and by Wednesday afternoon the pain was gone except if I pressed on the spot. No redness or swelling, thankfully.

I did get out to stitch and chat on Wednesday afternoon, with just C and I there. She was finishing off the last of the washclothes she's been crocheting, and I finished another mitten. C and her husband will be heading south to Arizona in 2 weeks time. We had a good chat, about their travels, my planned travels, and our various projects. We had visitors too, as a young woman walked in, grabbed a chair and dragged it to a table across the room. Then a young man followed her and did the same. C and I looked at one another, as it isn't usual for the room to be used by others when our group is meeting, but we weren't bothered by it. Not long after, a staff member came by and asked the young couple if they were studying; they said yes, and she explained the room was booked for a library program. She offered them the use of another room, and asked if they had stopped at the desk on the way in. (Of course, they answered no to the question).  I found it interesting as the library provides study carrels in another area of the building, but I can understand wanting more space. Still, I think I would have asked before settling into a space where it was clear other people were using it.

The rest of the week has been cool and quiet. The high temp on Thursday was only 9C (48F) so it was a day spent indoors. In fact, it was a lazy day entirely. The only thing I accomplished all day was making homemade pepperoni/bacon/red onion pizza for dinner and the dishes. Instead I watched PVR'ed television and later baseball. 

Of course, that just meant I had to bust my butt on Friday and get caught up on the housework. Laundry, vaccuming, washing floors, and a bit more packing were accomplished. All of the items hanging on the walls (mostly photographs) were wrapped and packed away. It is starting to echo in here! I also went through my clothing and packed away my summer clothing, bathing suits, sleeveless tees, capris, and shorts. I sorted out some items for donation to the thrift store, as well as tossing some pieces that have seen better days. (I'll admit I have far too many tees, capris, and jeans). 

Late in the afternoon, I ran out to pick up a few groceries as Safeway had ground beef on sale. I've enough meat tucked in the freezer now, I won't need to buy any more meat until after our move. After my busy day, I spent the evening watching football. Our Saskatchewan Roughriders had a good lead on their opponent after the first half, and while the Calgary Stampeders tried hard to lose the game, our team managed to snatch defeat in the last five minutes. Sigh, the last few years have been so hard for fans. I won't be surprised to see many changes in the coaches and players at the end of this season. 

Today, my son and I are heading out to find new mattresses and bed frames for delivery to C's house on moving day. I see no point, in having them delivered here and then have the moving crew move them. The old mattresses are worn out and the metal frames, are those cheap ones that the store threw in when we bought our mattress and box spring sets. (I don't think they do that anymore). We're both looking at platform beds so we don't need box springs. 

And tomorrow, I've heading out for an overnight visit with my daughter and grandson. I'll deliver some of the containers and some other items to store in her shed. There are a few things I've picked up for her over the past few weeks too. The weather is supposed to be nice for the next few days, so it's a good time to make the trip.

To end, I'll leave you with a photo of a Adirondack chair my brother built. I've been drooling over it since he built it a few months ago, and we settled on a price yesterday. I've told him to keep it for now, as he'll be doing a couple of trade shows later this fall, and I suspect I won't be the only one who thinks it's very special. (He'll have to build them a different one! But he can use it as a prototype.)

Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. Sounds like a busy and productive week at your house. I bet you will be glad to get all settled down.
    LOVE that chair!!!!!!! How cool.
    Have fun with your daughter and Eli!

    1. I'm actually feeling quite lazy, as there much that needs to be packed but I can't really do it until the last week or so before we move.
      I'm so looking forward to having the chair, likely in the spring. I do need to go visit and ensure I find it comfortable (I've no doubt I will).
      Change of plans for a number of reasons, but I won't be heading out for my visit until Friday.

  2. It sounds like you are doing well with the packing. Have a great time with your daughter and grandson. Safe travels.

  3. As Cheryl wrote, you had a (another) busy and productive week! I'm glad things are going well re: the decluttering and packing.

    That chair is awesome! Yes, I imagine your brother will get orders for some!

    Have a lovely visit with your daughter and Eli; take care!

  4. You are really prepared for the move and have had a busy week. Hope the move goes very smoothly.

    God bless.

  5. I hate making appointments on-line and rarely do so, because of the same sort of things that happened to you. Businesses, professionals, etc. hate having to deal with their customers and clients, so on-line reservations are a godsend to them, but not to the people trying to use them. I think it's a good idea to send new items to your new home; if I move again, I will buy new items to replace old ones and just leave the old ones here. And homemade pizza! Mmmm... (And that wonderful chair...)

    1. It's so easy to book on-line, but the businesses need to pay attention to them. I suppose I could have simply walked in but I'm not sure it would have speeded the process any.
      We did run into a hiccup at the furniture store, but I'll post about that at the end of the week.
      Thanks John - I think the chair is pretty wonderful too.

  6. Sounds like you are doing what you can to make moving easier! Soon it will be happening!

    1. I know when we're over at the other house, it will seem as time has flown by. In the midst of it now, it seems to be dragging. That's always the way!

  7. You are really on the ball! You deserve some breaks away from 'moving kind of stuff'. Like stitch and chat, a visit as well as football.
    You do get to a point where there isn't anything else to do until 'the' day before. We are in a similar positron. I think we'll get that nice weather this week too. Yay!


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