Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter interruptus

Happy Easter! 

I woke to snow this morning, not a sight I'd hoped to see again this spring.  It's pretty much gone but the temp is still -5C so there is still a possibility of more later today.

I was planning Easter dinner for this evening, with my daughter, J, Eli, and my son C.  However, D called this morning to say that she and J were suffering some tummy troubles (I'll spare you the details) so dinner has been postponed to Easter Monday.

I have the day off tomorrow, and the roast will hold over in the fridge so it isn't a problem.  In addition, the Pinty's Grand Slam curling is on television today, semi-finals were completed this morning with the men's and women's finals to be aired this afternoon and evening respectively.  I won't be bored. ;)

As I sit here, I'm listening to the birds in the everygreen tree in the front yard.  It's unfortunate, but the kestral hawk is back so I suspect we won't have many song birds again this summer.  It doesn't seem to bother the blackbirds or grackles though. 

Saku is relaxing on the cat tree watching out the window.  I suspect he misses the birds as much as I do.

Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day.  It will be much warmer, 12C is the forecast high so the cats will get out to the sun room again.  I'll have my little grandson here for a visit, and it's an extra day off!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!


  1. A very happy Easter to you all! Here's hoping this truly is the last of the snow till next December...or later. I snapped pics of forsythia in bloom today, which was lovely to see! Take care, enjoy your dinner tomorrow.

  2. Have a family,y dinner with all the trimmings and enjoy your day-late easter feast! Saku, transport over here...bring the rest of your sibs.

  3. I hope the remainder of your Easter passed well. Mine was spent worrying about my Cammie.

    It's funny that winter seems to be hanging on all over Canada, but not simply staying. It's coming and going, with temperatures rising and falling. I think we have been spoiled with milder winters in the last few years, but even this one is not typical.

    All animals must live, including predators. But I like to support the underdog (or underbird), so I find a successful hunter to be a bit discouraging. Hopefully, the kestral will leave a few singers.


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