Sunday, 2 April 2017

Spring has arrived!

I saw my first robin the other day (no photo as yet) and the daytime temps have been staying well above the freezing mark.  But it's only April 2nd, so I won't be surprised if winter rears it's ugly head at some point over the next few weeks.

In the meantime I'm enjoying the wonderful weather and not spending a lot of time at my computer.  Last night my daughter D and I took baby Eli for his first walk.  Heck, let's be honest it was the first walk G'ma has done for some time.  We (D and I) both felt a little stiff and sore.  

The rabbits obviously did well over the winter.  I'm sure we counted nearly near two dozen of them over the course of our walk.

There were three in this photo but I cropped it as this is the only one that appeared semi-focused.  I didn't have my flash on and it was nearly dusk so the quality is not particularly good.

There were lots of people out walking as the temp was 14C (57F) just around 7 p.m. Amazing weather!

We took a loop around the park that brought us back by "Riverbend" which is simply a pretentious name for a man-made pond near some pricey condos.

The geese have been back for a couple of weeks (we do have some that stay over winter).  There is just enough open water for these two to land on the ice and walk to the water.  Again a lousy photo as all the birds were across the way.  I was tired and ready to get home so we didn't walk around to the other side.

Little Eli slept through the entire walk.  He's growing like a weed - he has his next appointment tomorrow and I won't be surprised to learn he weighs over 10 pounds.  He still loves to eat, sleep, and poop but has been awake and more alert every time I see him.

This morning he hung out with G'ma, while mom and dad went to church.  They are planning to have him baptized when J's mom is here later in April so I guess they are practicing.

D says there were lots of little ones at the service today so she'll take Eli with her.  She also will be taking a couple of classes ahead of the baptism.  When she called to see if she could bring baby with her, the woman laughed and said there were 4 infants and eight toddlers at the last session.  

Today is a very special day!  Eli turns one month old. 

My daughter painted the little flower, in the colors of her favorite hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens.  She says she plans to do that every month....hopefully she'll paint over the one before or she'll have a bazillion of these.  It is cute, but since a flower is the only thing she knows how to paint...well, you get the point.

J has his arm behind the sheet holding little Eli up.  We found the Dory at Walmart and will use him/her/it as the contrast to show how big the little guy is growing. 

It's hard to believe he's been here a month already.  I see him about once or twice a week, though they've been with me for the last few days.  J is busy slowly renovating his house.  There are walls to repair and paint, flooring to go down, but those tasks were set aside this weekend when he bought a new(er) fridge with water and ice maker.  I know he wants to get the work done before his mom arrives.  He doesn't want Eli there in the construction zone (I totally agree) so I expect they will be with me here most of the time.

I'm glad to report that D has really settled in to motherhood.  It's pretty clear there is a great bond between the two of them (and it's true of J and Eli too).  It is a blessing and a relief to see them interact with love and caring for this special little guy.  

Another happy note, my son C's contract was extended for another six months. I'm hopeful there will be another extension in the fall. 

In the meantime, things have settled down here at home and at work.  I'm still eager to remove a marble from the jar (one more gone on Monday!) but some of the frustrations of the last few months have lessened.  Or perhaps I've simply learned to give in and let go.  Or maybe, it is the beginning of the new season.  Whatever it is, it works.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, with beautiful weather and sunny skies!



  1. What a great post! I'm so glad your daughter has taken to motherhood, and Eli's dad too. He sure is a cute, little Eli. I especially like that first pic of him, with the smile. :-)

    SO glad things are calmer at work now too! Though I'm sure Eli brings home what's important, and what's not, in the grand scheme of things.

    Take care, hope the week ahead goes well.

  2. Things seems to be going very well with Eli and his parents - and of course with you and Eli. I love the last picture of him. Bald and with a bit of a spare tire! And that's how we guys end up, too. But in between, he'll grow out of it and be a strong, tall fella. Babies are such a wonderful idea of God's - and that's saying a lot, as He has had a lot of good ideas.


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