Sunday, 14 October 2018

A work in progress

I'm embarrassed to admit how dirty my house is/was.  But it is too true.  I can't entirely blame it on my daughter, though having a second household's worth of furniture and belongings did tend to fill the place.  Add to that her propensity for clutter, the grandson's lack of control, add in a few cats and the spills and messes were hidden from view.  The main areas (kitchen, living room, my bedroom and ensuite) I've managed to keep up while she was here but the rooms that she used (two main floor bedrooms, the main bathroom, and the basement rec room and storage area) tended to be a free-for-all.  I just didn't realize what that really meant.

Friday, I started off the day at the tire shop, having my tires changed over for winter driving.  It may seems like good timing, as we're getting a bit of snow today, but the forecast is for temps in the mid-20's (70-75F) later this week.  However, the shop is incredibly busy and it is only going to get worse; better sooner than later.  I had thought to walk home and pick up the car later but they assured me the car would be ready in about an hour...which turned into 90 minutes or so.  After my appointment, I headed over to Safeway to pick up some groceries for the week, and then it was home to start the clean-up.  

First up was the main bathroom,going through the cabinets for items left behind in her packing, cleaning the sink and counter and scrubbing the toilet and tub. I moved onto Eli's room next, where I discovered that the floor and lower walls were covered in spilt* milk.  There were other mystery spots as well, perhaps from socks walking through said milk?  In any event the floor and walls needed a good scrub.  It took three pails of hot sudsy water - though I must admit I was making certain I got it all with that last pail.

About this point, I started feeling unwell.  I don't if it was something I ate earlier in the day, or if I had picked up a bug but it ended my cleaning as I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening, either in the bathroom or curled up on the couch with the cats.

Saturday, I woke feeling much better and ready to tackle the rest of the main floor, and with hopes of getting to the basement.  D's room was next and again the floor was a disaster.  I've never been a proponent to eating in one's bedroom but she did it all the time and it showed.  It took a couple of pails of hot, sudsy water to get it clean to my satisfaction.  Then I opened the closet and found a whole pile of stuff that ought to have been moved; I found an unused box in the garage, taped it up and filled it.

I found several bags of mail, some of which was a couple of years old.  Since I wanted a break, I watched an episode of CSI while I sorted and shredded what I could.  My brother called as well, and we had a good chat about his work and family.

Meanwhile I was waiting for my travel agent to call. She'd e-mailed on Friday to let me know that my flight booked for March 13 had been cancelled, requiring a change.  I was making myself some lunch when she called to let me know that I will need to fly out a day earlier (with the same flight times as the previous booking), but that she was able to get me an even better flight home AND best of all the cost is nearly $200 CDN less, which should cover the costs of hotel and meals.  She is looking into hotel options for me; we decided I'll likely stay near the airport as I'll be taking the cruise ship shuttle to the port the following day and it departs from the airport.  I'm not certain if I'll see much of Santiago but to be honest, the cruise is the part I'm most looking forward to.

Once my travel plans were settled, I'd finished lunch, and it was time to get back to work.  I headed back into Eli's room to check the closet there. I found only a few more items that needed packing. From there, it was off to my bedroom to move my sewing table and other items back into that room.  

D took the little end table I had in the room for the items in the tray on the floor, so I'll have to find something else (temporary as I have no plans to buy new or more furniture).  I will be moving another small folding table into the corner below the bulletin board to use for sewing as I need the other for cutting. Yes, I'm finally planning to get some real sewing done in the near future!  It just hasn't happened with everything piled into my bedroom. 

It is so good to see that the main floor of the house is finally clean.  There is still a bit of clutter, some odds and ends that don't have a real place, and I need to do a sort through my own closet.  In addition to Christmas presents I've stored old bedding, purses, and such.  I'm going to pack these latter items and send them off to Community Living. I've no spare bed any more as D gave it away, thus that room will remain empty.   

The next stop was the basement, so I gathered up my laundry and headed down.  Since C was using the shower upstairs I used the time to vacuum the rec room area before I started my wash.   I had to pick up bits and pieces of garbage and a whole pile of cat toys before that could be accomplished!  This is where I found the leftovers from earlier cat dinners.  Ewww!  D had a large couch, an ottoman, two armoires and a dresser in that area.  It was used mostly for storage, and it was rare that she and Eli spent time there...obviously the cats found it the "purrfect" place to regurgitate using the carpet for traction. I do have a carpet cleaner, but decided to leave it until I have more time (and when my son is at work).  Both the laundry room and cat litter room (in the furnace room) got a scrub down between loads of laundry.  

I still have the storage area in the basement to clear out.  She left a few boxes of garbage (one I knew about), an elliptical (she even tried to give it away free but had no takers), and an office chair which will probably end up in my sewing room.  That area also houses my bookshelves which could use going through and a good dusting. Last of all, the garage also contains items that were left behind - I'm not certain if on purpose or were forgotten in the last minute rush.  There isn't a lot, and I'll probably wait until warmer weather to get at it.

It is definitely a work in progress, as I clean I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment, in attention to a few aches and pains from the bending and stretching.  By the way, I'm well aware that when I get this round of cleaning done, it will require on-going maintenance but now at least I have access to it!

This morning, I've been relaxing, having a cup of coffee, and enjoying the peace and quiet.  I'll get back to the housework later, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy the morning.

I'll leave you with this photo of Sheldon in his new home.  D found him sleeping on the stairs and he woke when she went to take his photo.  I miss him around here, but I suspect Sasha and Saku are not.  I had worried that Saku would show some anxiety, as he did when Sami passed away last fall, but there has been none. 

Have a great week everyone!

*which the grammar police want me to write spilled - apparently the latter is the modern spelling. Apparently I'm just old. :)


  1. We share the clean- it- up- gene! When guests, family really, leave for their own homes, I can hardly wait to get out the rags, from, dustpan, vacuum, wax, duster, Pergo mop for the Pergo floor in the kitchen, and all the rest. I feel wonderful once the place looks clean and tidy and the carpet looks groomed (until I or Katie walk on it). I just sit and smile in the evening, looking about over my work and enjoying as long as it lasts.

  2. Sheldon way to go with those spots on your sweet belly and those striped pants.

  3. I love that photo of Sheldon, look at those adorable tabby tummy spots!

    Wow, well done on all the cleaning! While I do enjoy vacuuming, and do it frequently (along with using my Swiffer), I really dislike hands and knees scrubbing and tend to do it only as needed. Most of my floor space has carpet or area rugs, though, and I've not had a little grandson here spilling milk. :-)

    I'm glad your travel plans have been rearranged to your advantage, that makes having to change flights painless.

    Have a great week; take care!

  4. What a lot of work, but at least the house is receiving a very good cleaning, and it will likely stay that way, now that you have more control over the dirt that goes into it. I hope D keeps her new home a bit cleaner. Who knows? She may, since it will be hers, and she'll have to do the scrubbing an washing if it becomes dirty.

    I like the old ways of spelling, too, though I use both depending on the context: 'He spilled the milk. It was spilt all over.' The same with burned/burnt and learned/learnt. I assume the versions with 't' come from the pronunciation.


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