Saturday, 6 October 2018

Moving pains

I'm starting this post on Saturday, though I suspect I won't finish until Monday.  At the moment, I'm taking a short break from house cleaning.  I'm slowly making progress; starting in the kitchen this morning I cleared the counter-tops of miscellaneous clutter, thoroughly scrubbed them down, and threw out stale cookies and the onion skins from the plastic container (though the island is still a disaster).  The fridge got cleared out too and I put everything I plan to take to D tomorrow on one shelf.  

We had packed up the dry goods (or at least most of them) and taken them out on Friday, but somehow we managed to miss several items in the fridge.  I also found her vinegar, baking soda, and canola oil in the one lazy Susan.  When I made up my bed this morning, I tidied around the bed and found several toys as well.  Those have been tucked into a box, along with a couple of t-shirts, some bathroom items, and a container of cat toys.

Before I go any further, I should give you an update on the move.  It went well even though the movers were about an hour later than anticipated.  Eli and I left the house about 7:50 to visit my office.  He got to meet a few people (not too many were there on a Friday before a long weekend) and had a brief visit with Uncle C and two of his co-workers before we were leaving to head to Melville to meet the real estate agent at 10:00.  We ended having to make a stop back at the house (movers were there by then) because D had put her wallet in the diaper bag; she needed to buy gas on her way out of town.  The slight delay meant we didn't reach the house until shortly after 10, but the realtor wasn't there yet so I took Eli over to A's house to spend the day with her and her son Knox.  

We had snow again yesterday, and the roads were wet but not icy.  I did have to pull over to hit play on the I-Pad for Eli and the shoulder of the road was definitely slick.  Later in the day when I returned home the roads were clear, there was just a bit of rain falling.  Today would have been a perfect day, sunny, about 7-10C and clear skies.  Oh well, it got done.

The realtor met me back at the house after I dropped Eli off, and we did a brief walk through.  The previous owner left a few items behind, including a rocking armchair in the sun porch, a homemade bookshelf in the same room, a microwave in the kitchen and a shower curtain in the main bathroom.  We also discovered that D will be able to use the garage to park (the inspector had given me the impression that the cracks were large...not so), and the shed has a cement floor.  All good things!  

The other good news was the basement.  We trekked down the steep stairs to see how wet it was down there.  While the musty smell is still there, the basement appeared quite dry.  As a result, I've decided to postpone putting in the sump pump until the spring, but will pick up a dehumidifier for the time being.  I did some cleaning while I was waiting for D and the movers, cleaned out the fridge and wiped out the cabinet drawers.  I had just finished unpacking the groceries when D showed up.

The only "ick" moment was when I checked out the stove, both the interior and hood were disgustingly dirty.  I didn't have the supplies to clean it, baking soda and vinegar work the best, so left it for D to do today.  I talked to her earlier and she said she had cleaned out the oven, and was in the process of baking biscuits.  I know she is excited to be able to bake what she likes, when she wants.  

The movers arrived just before noon, and had everything unloaded and in the house by 2:30 in the afternoon.  D and I started unpacking before they left, washing and drying dishes, putting away clothing, and I used the green machine on her couch.  Saku apparently had decided to remind her he had been there, bad cat!  We continued to unpack after they left, until the house had warmed up - we'd left the front door open the entire time so it was easy for them to move furniture and boxes.  

Then it was off to pick up A and the boys.  Eli rode with me, while A and Knox drove over with D, since it made no sense to move his car seat just then.  We arrived back at the house a few minutes before they did, and when I brought him in, he was sooooo excited.  He ran around the main floor and then went up the stairs where I showed him his playroom. (It will never be the spare bedroom...that child has far too many toys!)  

When the others arrived, I decided it was time for me to head out.  I was tired, my one foot was cramping, and I figured D wanted some time without me in her home (she agreed).  The realtor had told me to let her know that supper was on him, so they ordered in a meal of pizza, lasagna, and Caesar salad.  

Here are the boys enjoying their first dinner at the house.  D bought this table and chair set used, and spray painted them black.  It is set up in what is the dining room, though except for Eli will be used a craft space (with a few toys thrown in for good measure.  The folding table is set up under the window, the armoires (both the pictured and the one to the far right of the ride on toy will be filled with craft materials...once every thing is unpacked.  

I arrived home in time last evening for a shower before heading out to dinner with friends. I certainly didn't feel like cooking and it was good to sit and visit, though by the time dinner had arrived and been enjoyed I was ready to head home to bed.  I'm not certain what is happening with my right foot.  I wore my winter boots yesterday, and I remember, getting cramps in my right foot last winter when I wore them too.  By the time I left D's, I had to drive without my boot it hurt so bad.  I managed through dinner (kicked off my shoe under the table), but getting to sleep last night was difficult.  If I weren't so stubborn I would have gotten up and taken some pain meds but I didn't. 

Today, I went to do some shopping and a few errands, putting on my running shoes.  By the time I reached my first stop, my foot was screaming in pain again.  I discovered if I loosened the shoe it didn't hurt, as much, and I was able to keep going.  By the time I hit the last stop, I also took off my sock and wore just the shoe.  Again, it lessened the pain somewhat but I was glad to get home and get the foot elevated.  So I haven't done as much cleaning up as I planned. I did manage the bit I mentioned before, swept up the living room (picking up odds and ends left behind by D), and the second load of laundry is in the washing machine. 

I did google toe cramp and I wonder if I'm simply dehydrated.  I know I didn't have anything more than a couple cups of coffee in the early morning, and though I had a bottle of iced tea with me in the car, I didn't finish it until I was on the way home.  Today I started off with coffee too, and just finished a large glass of water.  I plan to get several more ounces of water into me before bed because I sure don't need another drive with an aching foot.  C is coming with me but he doesn't drive a standard and I've already packed much of the stuff for D in my car.  I know I'll manage but I'd be much happier without the pain.

Well, I think I'll end this post tonight as it is getting rather lengthy.  I'll try to get back on Monday with some photos of our Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for this year, with D and Eli in their own little home, and C and I enjoying the peace and quiet of mine. 

In case, I don't I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    I'm exhausted just reading your post. It's been 18.5 years since I moved and while I'd welcome the opportunity to move to a detached home in a location I really liked, the thought of all the work makes me cringe. LOL.

    Anyway, I'm sure your daughter and Eli will settle into their new routine and life quickly, and I'm sure you'll settle into yours too! I assume Sheldon still is with you for the time being? Or has he made the move now too? Lots of purrs from N & D that he settles in and adapts quickly.

    Take care -- I hope your foot is better!

  2. Wow, what a lot got done. But then, that's moving house; either it gets done, or you don't move. I was told years ago that the first thing to set up in the new house is the bed. That way, if you hit the point at which you simply can't do anymore, you won't have to realise that the bed still has to be put together and made up. It'll be ready for your collapse.

    As for cleaning the stove, I'd probably buy a new one! No kidding. If it were that bad, I probably couldn't stand another person's mess. But D sounds like she has energy and gumption when she needs it. And baking biscuits that soon afterward? That's impressive.

    I wouldn't have bothered cooking after a day like that, too. I probably would have picked something up and had a dish-free dinner.

    It sounds like your foot problems begin with the winter boots. How long does the problem last once it arrives?


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