Sunday, 28 October 2018

Wonderful time of the year

I'm sure you are all shaking your heads...what the heck am I talking about with a title like that?  Don't I know winter is rapidly approaching?  Of that fact I am well aware.  We've had a few nice days with temps in the mid-teens (Celsius not Fahrenheit), but the colder weather is once again on its way.  Though surprisingly the forecast is calling for a high of 7C (45F) on Halloween...good for the little tricker or treaters. Perhaps this year they won't have to wear their winter jackets over their costumes!  

Back to my original thought.  It's a wonderful time of the year because not only are the football playoffs getting near ...Go Riders... but the curling events have begun in earnest!  This weekend features the Canadian Beef Masters Grand Slam event in Truro, Nova Scotia.  Yes, I'm serious Canadian Beef is the sponsor and the event is being held in a province known for its sea food.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.

The first games were held on Wednesday but nothing was televised until Thursday evening.  Friday there were three draws and as I finally had a Friday with nothing planned it was a wonderful relaxing day.  The cats even let me sleep in until after 7 a.m.  Bonus!  The curling started about 8 a.m., the next draw was at 12:30 and the last at 5 p.m.  I PVR'd the last game as I went out for dinner as usual, and watched the last half when I got home.  There was also a football game, not the Riders, but one that has play-off implications for our team.  While I would never normally cheer for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (there is a fierce rivalry between our two teams), I did last night and they came out on top, beating the Calgary Stampeders.  Not as bad as they beat us a couple of weekends ago (31-0) but a win none-the-less.  

Not only do I appreciate this time of year for the sports I enjoy but it gives me time to craft while I'm watching.  I know, I know, I could do it when I'm otherwise watching television but since I'm sitting for a sustained period of time I get things done.  

This is a blanket for D's friend A who is expecting a baby in early November.  I made the main part using leftover yard from another project, and bought the white for the band so now I have more leftover yarn.  That's the thing about knitting and crocheting...all the leftovers generally mean I usually end up buying more yarn.  The blanket needs to be washed and blocked so that the band doesn't curl as it is in the picture. I'll do that and send it back with D when they are here next weekend.

Next up, I decided to find a pattern for crocheted mittens.  I grew with handmade knitted mittens and I have a set I made last year - I'm pretty sure I made then while I was watching curling then too.  But I'm not a fast knitter, and find crocheting provides results much sooner.  I found an easy pattern today, and started in using, you guessed it, more leftover yarn.  I had the cuff finished in no time.  I've set it aside for now as the curling is over, I'm watching football while I work on this post, but it is just about time to feed the cats and start our supper.  The Riders play after this game is finished so I'll be glued to the television.  They can't win (or lose) without me. :p

It is now Sunday and I've been awake since 6 a.m., thank you Sasha and Saku.  They just would not stop pestering me for breakfast. Sasha tends to get in my face and tickle me with his whiskers, while Saku prefers a less subtle approach  laying his 17 pounds of weight on me.  I can't ignore either of them for long.  I wanted to be up early as the curling started at 7...just not that early!

Back to last evening for a moment, the Riders won!  We lost our quarterback to a nasty hit, but our defense came through for us.  They shut down B.C.'s offense and scored 14 points on turnovers.  The Riders have a bye week coming up in the final week of regular play, while B.C. plays Calgary.   If B.C. is able to beat Calgary, we'll be in first place in the West division, if Calgary wins we're in second.  Either way we'll have a home playoff game, with the goal of reaching the Grey Cup game.

I've been quite lax this weekend with the housework; between curling games I will need to get laundry and vacuuming done.  I've kept up with the dishes, not that C and I make very many of those. I don't need to prep much for the week as I made a pot of chili and grilled a couple of chicken breasts earlier in the week.  I'll use these for lunches, along with some veg and fruit. I don't often cook much in the evenings when I get home as I'm tired and hungry so I tend to grab a sandwich or breakfast for dinner.  I did make an exception this week as my son C turned 31 on Wednesday.  I made one of his favorites, perogies, bacon, with sour and sauteed onions.  Carb heavy but oh so yummy!

I'll end this post with a photo of Eli from our visit last Sunday.  He was excited to see me, as I was to see him.  D had brought him outside to play and when he spotted me getting out of the car, he came running.

Once we were indoors I wasn't quite as big of a draw.  Here, he's watching Paw Patrol, his favorite cartoon.  He desperately needs a haircut and D had one booked for later this week.  She told me today when they went for their appointment, the shop was closed for a family emergency.  Hopefully she'll get him in this week or he'll soon not be able to see through those bangs.  

Eli has his feet crossed in this photo, this is something he has done even before he was born; we saw it on the ultrasound.  And aren't those big feet?  He's like a German Shepherd pup...when he's grows into them, he's going to be a big boy!

The curling is nearing the end of the semi-finals so I'll get back to watching...the housework awaits.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. It sounds like you've been having a great, lazy long weekend. Sleeping in even till 6 AM would be a real bonus from my POV!

    You must be in your glory, with your curling. I saw that CBC has it on this weekend, though I didn't and don't watch it. I used to watch football from time to time, though, but I don't get TSN anymore (have to pay extra for sports channels if you want them).

    I chuckled at your comparison of Eli to a German shepherd puppy (with big feet/paws). It's cute, the way he crosses those feet!

    Anyway, don't rush to get the housework done; it'll keep. :-)

  2. So far, our temperatures have been very pleasant, excellent autumn weather. I'm not in a hurry to see such days go, even if the nights are chilly. That's all right: cooler temperatures help me sleep.

    I wonder if Eli will continue to cross his feet as he gets older, or whether that will change.

  3. Cute - a german shephard pup lol. Aren't pvrs fabulous? Never miss anything important. I happen to love Christmas movies so have pvrd them for most of November, then I can watch at leisure and skip the commercials

  4. I loved every paragraph. Those the topics are differing between your blog and mine, somehow I feel right at home with yours. It "speaks" to me and I fancy I would make you a good neighbor were I in your neighborhood. I like to see curling too on the few occasions I happen on it.


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