Thursday, 28 May 2020

Another she-shed update

My brother has forwarded a few more photos as he's put in more windows in the shed.  

Originally the shed had only two windows, one on either end.  Adding the two feet to the top of the shed allowed for more windows, plus he's added windows to both the front and back of the shed.

He's also started siding the building again.

Looking out the front (south facing) toward the hills of the valley.

The view is even better from this point.  He actually sat down and took a break!  I think I need to go for another visit to check on the progress.

He also sent this photo - he'd been out looking for the porcupine that Kola had tangled with earlier that evening.  He didn't find the porcupine...but the sunset was spectacular.  


  1. That is going to be so nice. What a view!

  2. That is quite the she-shed! Is he going to want to hand it over when it's finished? :)
    Lovely view!

  3. Looking good. Think he will need a she-shed house warming party when complete.

  4. It looks fabulous, a great reuse of your unwanted shed. Beautiful sky shot

  5. LOVE that sky shot. I am a cloud maven anyway. The shed is looking fab! What talent and workmanship!


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