Saturday, 30 May 2020


Okay, I'm going to start with a complaint.  Why is it necessary for every application I use to need to make changes?  My FitBit app was the first - now when I sign in, I'm no longer directed to my dashboard, but rather I have to click on the same icon I used to sign in to select the dashboard.  I don't see what benefit that adds at all as it simply adds another keystroke.  Twitter has recently added some new features, though thus far I haven't noticed any real difference except...they are now fact checking certain posts.  A certain President is quite upset at that - I'm hearing conflicting messages as to what his Executive order will mean.  Now Blogger - today is my first try and I'm reading that it is creating issues in adding photos and formatting.  I'll give it go and see how things work.  One thing I am noticing and it's probably the way I key, is that the cursor keeps jumping to the middle of a prior sentence.  Oh yippee, I already make enough typing errors!  The one thing I really don't like about it is accessing blogs from my reading list.  I keep getting asked if I want to be re-directed.  Um, yes I do, otherwise I wouldn't have clicked!  I'll be sure to provide feedback on that aspect.

The week started with welcome company on Monday.  D and Eli arrived early, just around 8 a.m.  D said Eli was awake at 5:30 a.m. and immediately starting talking about going to the Grandma house, so they left earlier than originally planned.  We had a busy day (about 13,500 steps according to my FitBit), with lots of outside time, a walk to the pond to see the geese and goslings, and fun with Uncle C too.  D had several errands to run in the morning, so Eli stayed with G'ma (C was sleeping).  It was beautiful morning to be outdoors.  Eli explored the back yard and though I thought the lock on the gate would keep him contained, he very quickly demonstrated that it was no match for him.  We went back and forth between the front and back yard several times before he decided I should push the buttons on the garage entry pad.  He puttered around in the garage for a bit, before we went back outdoors.  And the game continued, back and forth, front and back, into the garage for a bit and on and on it went until his mom returned.

We decided to go for a walk to see the geese before she had her virtual doctor's appointment.  Last year, Eli called these 'deese', this year he can clearly say geese.  He was quite interested in all of the birds though he didn't want them to get too close to the stroller.

This photo doesn't show the babies very well but they were there.  They are well camouflaged in the grass.

A bit further along we came across this trio.  They're getting past that downy stage and starting to grow into the adult feathers. 
This group are even older than the others, they looked a bit like gawky teenagers.  Watching Eli watch the birds was fun, he was so excited as we saw each group.

The rest of the afternoon was spent following Eli around the yard, and enjoying the sun.  I set up the sprinkler while his mom stripped him down to his boxers so he could run through the spray.  I BBQ'ed "mom" burgers (homemade) for dinner and with the potato and pasta salads I'd made yesterday we all had a nice meal.  Eli tends to bounce off his chair frequently but he sat nicely for a little bit.  Before bedtime he played with his Uncle C in the basement running off some energy.  Those two adore each other.  So fun to see!

Tuesday morning, D and Eli left about 8 a.m. stopping at the Superstore to pick up a grocery order on the way out of the city.  I spent some time tidying up the house, putting away toys.  I left the fingerprints on the windows and mirrors off for another day.  I hadn't slept well the night prior so it was a relatively quiet day; I ran out and picked up a few groceries, did a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, swept floors, and tried to take an afternoon nap.  I was thwarted as the phone wouldn't stop ringing.  The contractor who will be finishing the interior painting was first, the work will proceed later in June.  Next up was my daughter and then a friend called.  By the time I was off the phone any thought of a nap was out of my head.  

The evening was quite a bit noisier!  We had a thunderstorm roll through bringing rain and winds.  My sun room shook from the gusts of wind, more than I've ever felt before.  No damage though, thankfully.  I think my neighbour's above ground pool cover was torn off at some point though it didn't go far, as it got caught up in their trampoline.  After the storm, I noticed neighbours out on the street so I went out to see what they were looking at. 
A double rainbow!!!  The colors were so bright against the dark clouds to the east.  The sun was bright in the west, and when I turned around I found mammatus clouds too. There weren't many but I love the look of them. These are often seen after extreme weather.

Wednesday and Thursday were overcast, windy, and cool.  I did get out for a walk on Wednesday (no camera this time) and spotted a mama duck and her ducklings.  They were in the park nearby far from the water, and made a beeline for the trees when they realized I was watching them.  I puttered around the house both days, and hung out in the sunroom when it warmed up enough.  There may have even been a nap in the recliner one day.  

I've started another baby blanket for something to do while I watch television.  D has a friend who is expecting and asked if I could make blankets (she's having triplets) for her.  D will pay for the materials and while she was here we went through my stash of yarn.  However, I didn't have any yellow, which she wanted, so I picked up a few skeins at Walmart on Monday.  Each blanket will be a different color, the other two will be green and either pink or blue depending on the ultrasound results.  However I've decided I'll use the same pattern for all of the blankets so there will be some consistency.  

I woke to the sun on Friday morning, but a chilly temperature of only 3C (37F), but at least it did not freeze overnight.  I'd have been some annoyed had it done so!  We're expected much higher temperatures next week.  More indoor chores were completed, before it warmed up enough to get outdoors.  I spent a couple of hours doing a bit of yard work and then relaxing in the sun.  I filled a garbage bag with pine needles and cones from under the tree in the back yard, watered the containers, and put down some more grass seed.  The bald spots are starting some signs of new growth but it's slow.  In the front yard I cleaned the edge between my driveway and the neighbour's lawn, and swept up a pile of pine needles.  It's a never ending battle.  There was very little wind so it was so nice to be outside, lovely and warm in the sun.  I found myself nodding off in my chair so moved into the sunroom, stretched out in my recliner and dozed off...for almost 2 hours!  I guess I need it.

Today started off a little warmer and promises to be an even warmer day than yesterday.  Once I'd completed a few of my household chores I headed out for a walk.  I had my cellphone with me, and I found baby ducks!  
There were actually two batches of babies, this one and another group with, if I counted correctly, 11 babies!  I couldn't get close I was up on a hill above the creek so this was zoomed in a bit.  They are so darn cute!  

I'll wrap this up now, as I'm heading back out to the deck to enjoy my lunch in the sunshine.  If I decide I'm ambitious enough I may clean up some more pine cones.  Or I'll just's so nice to have options. :)

Take care everyone and stay well!


  1. That double rainbow photo is amazing! That should be submitted to a contest or something. Here our local evening weather guy does a nightly "weather wallpaper" photo, picked from all the viewer submissions. There are fantastic amateur photographers here, and I think your rainbow photo would be in the top few of all time!

    As ever, you're so busy you make ME want to take a nap, just reading your post. LOL. Glad you had a great visit with Eli (and your daughter) and that Eli got to see the goslings. They're adorable!

    Take care, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. That was one great double rainbow picture you took! Absolutely beautiful. ALL of your photos were such a pleasure to see. I love the babies and all of the parents too.
    As with Kea, I just sit down all ver again after reading all that you get done. WHEW! I do a lot but I take more time to do it. It's the old lady syndrome.
    I have decided to see what changes Blogger forces on me. If I don't like them, or find a learning curve I am not willing to do, I will quit. It's easier. I'll leave Admiral's, Katie's and mine as well there for storage purposes- until and if they close them out for me.

  3. What a beautiful rainbow. I just love seeing them. Those babies are so adorable and fluffy.
    Eli sounds like he keeps you on your toes!!! Kids are such a hoot.
    Have a great weekend

  4. I tried the new Blogger and it kept asking me if I wanted to be redirected which I found annoying so I went back to the old version. They will let you return to the older version if you aren't happy.
    Eli is great for letting you see things through his eyes.
    Those babies are adorable and the double rainbow is beautiful.

  5. I'm so glad that you had time with Eli! You saw such cute baby geese with him. That must have been a treat!

    Love the double rainbow!

  6. One thing for sure with young grandchildren, your steps add up quickly! Ha ha You've had some fun times with that little guy and seeing his excitement about things, keeps you young too! :)
    How nice for you to have a knitting/crocheting project - triplets? Wow! How exciting!!
    I love the little ducklings too, you got a great picture of them.
    I didn't get all of your pictures but I think that is because Bill and I have gone over our fast first 10 gb this month. I'll check back after June 1st and see if they come in.
    A couple of cool days here so waiting for it to warm up again.

  7. Love the double rainbow photo, and those baby goslings so sweet.

    I do wish that various programs would just leave things alone. It is like learning something all over once again.

    God bless.


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