Saturday, 23 May 2020

Week 10 - Babies!

You'll never guess what I did on Thursday.  Really, you won't.  I finally had the tires changed over on the car from winter to summer tires.  I certainly haven't needed the winter tires for quite some time, but it just never seemed convenient to make the appointment.  No, I lie, I kept forgetting to make the phone call.  Is that pandemic brain or just getting old?  I finally had to set a reminder on my phone to get the call made.

It was absolutely gorgeous morning, 14C (57F) by 6:30 a.m - I was grateful for a good day for walking!  After loading the tires in the car and driving to the shop I arrived just shortly before my appointment of 9 a.m.  Things were quite different from previous appointments.  I called into the store to let them know I was there.  They asked me to leave the keys in the car and they would be out to move into the shop shortly.  There was no request that I pre-approve the work order, basically just drop and go.  

I walked home, about 15-20 minute walk, taking the opportunity to walk by the pond.  And look what I found, babies!!  These were the only goslings I saw, though there were a number of pairs of geese on and near the pond.  I'm thinking the population will explode in the next few days.  Sorry for the quality of the photo, I didn't want to get too close, and I zoomed in with my cell phone.

Later I walked back to the shop to pick up the car, and again noticed a big difference.  I phoned the store, and a few minutes later, the attendant came to the door which was blocked by a large cart.  He opened the door, standing on the other side of the cart and handed me my invoice, my car keys, and the credit card machine.  I wasn't asked to sign to acknowledge the completion of the work.  I did notice too, that the business had put out two chairs for customers on the side walk - spaced two meters apart.  There were a couple waiting - despite the nice weather I'm glad I live close enough to walk and didn't have to wait outside the store.

After a stop at the Co-op for a few groceries that I hadn't been able to find earlier this week, I headed home to relax and enjoy the day.  Of course, I did find other things to do.  I did some pruning on a couple of trees and put out some solar lights.  A friend called and we had a nice chat.  Oh, that reminds me, my cruise was finally cancelled!  Not that this was unexpected, but the fact that the cruise line waited so long before doing so was a bit of a head shaker.  I would have been flying out to London in just over two weeks.  I've chatted with my travel agent and decided to go with the future cruise credit (125% of the original cost) for the time being.  This option allows me to re-book by the end of December 2021 for cruises up to the end of April 2022.  In addition, I have the option of requesting a full refund of what I paid, no later than December 2020.  My plan is to wait until the fall, see how things are looking, and I expect I'll probably request the refund then.  But, if by some miracle it appears a vaccine is going to available earlier than anticipated, I may book a cruse in late 2021 or early 2022.  My only other option was called "lift and shift", basically the same cruise next year, though a few weeks earlier (May 28, 2021). I'm pretty certain I won't be wanting to cruise by then so discarded that option immediately.

Friday was a quiet day, nothing really to write about.  I spent a fair amount of time out on the deck or in the sun room, reading or knitting.  It wasn't a particularly sunny day, and the skies kept threatening rain, although we actually didn't get any. While watching old football (CFL) games in the evening I  finished the back of the tank top I've been knitting.

On Saturday I woke up feeling energetic.  By 7:30 I had cleaned off the top of my cabinets and put down newspaper.  I saw this on Cheapchick's blog and thought, what a great idea. The next time I go to clean, I'll just bundles up the paper and start with fresh.  After my morning coffee, I decided I needed a walk.  The sun was shining, the temperature was a lovely 14C (57F) so off I went, camera in hand.

I knew I wanted to walk down by the pond, but decided I'd take the long way around heading west and then south to the park and the bridge before turning back north to Riverbend.  Most of the trees along the path were not there a couple of weeks ago.  Once they mature I'm sure they'll provide shade on the path.

I stopped to take a photo on the bridge.  I know it's only temporary but it's sad to see the lack of reeds and even more so, the lack of water in the creek.  I'm not sure why the water level is so low. Further up the pathway it was even worse.  

I stayed off the footpath and walked alongside the creek watching for black birds.  Although I saw a few flying there were none near the water, nor in the trees nearby.  Or at least, not that I could see though I heard their song.

 I walked over to the pond and was rewarded with a multitude of goslings and their parents.  The first group were obviously the oldest as they're already starting to lose their baby feathers!  There was woman with two dogs walking towards us, so the whole family took off towards the water.  They didn't go in though, just settled down in the grass by the pond.

I believe this is a pair of wigeons - they were feeding in the reeds.

This little guy was just so cute. It came marching across the grass towards me as if on a mission.  "Get out here lady with that darned camera!"  Or maybe it spotted something good to eat!
Here, the parent seemed to be hustling the little ones along.  If only I spoke goose...though I sure understand when they hiss!

At the end of the pond, there were a number of geese...but no babies!  Maybe later.

I'm off to the "out" as Eli calls it, to spend some time in the sun, water the containers, fill the bird bath, and generally enjoy the day.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great week!


  1. Interesting about the tires and how they handled it. Things sure are different these days. Glad you didn't have to wait and could enjoy a nice walk.
    Awww, what a cute bunch of babies. Nice that you could get that close.

  2. You sure have some pretty areas to walk. That is really nice and it is nice that you are so close to so many things that you can walk.

  3. Yay! Babies!!! They grow way too fast!
    Question. You buy groceries at the Co-op? Co-op for us means farmers things.
    I love the trick about the newspaper on the cupboards. Wish i knew that when we had our house!!
    Im so jealous of your NO blackflies.😊

  4. Thanks for the shout out - I can't take the credit though, my Mom's cleaning lady did that at her place and it was a great idea. I love goslings, so cute.

  5. You had great photo ops, thanks for sharing all the pics! Goslings are so adorable, but oh, the parents are NASTY when protecting their young. Definitely better to be at a safe distance.

    The wigeons are pretty in a muted way, I don't think I've ever seen them before.

    Wonderful! I hope your week ahead is great, take care and stay safe!

  6. Nice birds, the babies are so cute! Good thing you got your cruise all worked out for now. It will eventually be safe again...I hope:)

  7. There are baby goslings and ducklings everywhere, it seems. Kea, at "Musings on a Small Life", saw two parent geese with fifteen or sixteen little ones. It's a good sight, a sight of spring and renewal. I hope the ones in your district all survive and thrive. (Nothing makes me think of autumn more than a flight of geese heading south in an autumnal evening sky...)

    The "Out"... Eli makes it sound like an adventure in the Australian wilderness or something similar. I like that.


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