Saturday, 6 February 2021

Keeping close to home


On Monday morning, when I headed out to feed the birds I took the camera with me.

It was a bit foggy out there and the trees were covered in hoar frost or perhaps rime ice.  The latter is formed when the fog droplets rapidly freeze. However, I can't tell the two apart so I'll leave it to others to decide.

Whatever it is, I think it almost looks like leaves on the branches.  So pretty and later, the crystals fall and sparkle as the day warms up.

I made a couple of trips out of the house this week, first on Tuesday to Costco and Peavey Mart, and on Wednesday to the Dollarama and Walmart for my groceries.  I follow the Costco West fan blog - the author is in British Columbia, and sends out an e-mail each week of the items on sale (and often other things that he finds interesting) at the warehouse.  I went through the post and noted there were several items I wanted.  Overall I saved about $15 on the five items I purchased so well worth the trip.  

We had some snow overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday.  Once the groceries were put away I went out to clear the driveway and sidewalks, as the temperatures were dropping throughout the day.  I woke to -7C (19F); by 6 p.m. the temperature was -17C (1F) with a windchill of -29C (-20F).  We were heading into a cold snap for the next week and I wanted it done.

The cold weather is always a good time to stay indoors and work on my crocheting and the family trees.  I've been working on my dad's side of the family.  There was an exciting bit of information - I thought - when I found that many trees indicate my 3X great grandmother Maria Claudia Stoney was the daughter of Captain Jack (John) Stoney of Beaufort, South Carolina.  However, I've come to the conclusion that this is not correct, as all of the on-line information suggests the Stoney's had only two sons who survived to daughters.  So I've run into a dead end on her side as well. 

I started another blanket with a pattern that was "quick and easy".  Well, it didn't work that way for me. I started and tore it back three or four times before I gave up.  The way I read the instructions the edge of the blanket grew on one side and decreased on the other, but the author mentioned you continued the rows until it was a square so....I just decided it wasn't what I wanted.  I found another pattern that is easy and definitely is quick to make up.  After that I'll use the remainder of the ball of wool from the last blanket to make up a little sweater - I went to toss out the paper wrap and noticed the pattern on the back of it. 

My baby brother R turned 59 this week. I sent him a text that morning with a gif of a birthday cake covered in lighted candles. Of course I realize, I'll probably get a reminder later this year that I'm older than he is.  When I was a child I remember thinking that 60 was ancient, but now that I'm past that age I know it isn't. :)

We're into the truly cold weather today. When I went out to feed the birds this morning, the temperature was -33C (-27F) with a wind chill of -44F (-47F).  Even though I knew I wouldn't be out there very long, I bundled up well with a heavy coat, toque, two pairs of mitts, and my boots.  This is the cold when the snow squeaks when you walk on it.  It's a sunny day though and I can hear the birds calling to each other in the spruce tree out front.  I'm grateful for my comfortable, warm home and quite happy to have the ability to stay indoors.

Have a good week ahead everyone!


  1. Holy cow is it ever cold there. Thanks for the Costco west blog, didn't know that existed

  2. Two words: Polar Vortex.


    The cold is making its way here too (we just had a freezing snap last weekend that remained for several days), but I don't think we'll be quite as cold as you. Minus single-digits, plus the windchill. Cold enough to stay inside and be snug. :-)

    I haven't been to Costco in a few months. November? I don't remember. I HAVE done a couple of online orders, because shipping now is available here from the warehouse, and probably I will continue to do that. I would need to taxi home anyway, with the big/heavy items, so ordering online is easier for me. I could also place an order via InstaCart to Costco now, but the additional charges with InstaCart don't make sense. I did use InstaCart for heavy items from Walmart recently, which saved me getting out there and cabbing back, but I think it cost me a few dollars more in the end, with all of InstaCart's service fees. Oy.

    I like the pic of the frost on the tree branch, whatever type of frost it is. And belated happy birthday to your brother, I hope he had a good celebration. :-)

    Take care, stay warm!

  3. Squeaky snow? My it has been 70 years since I heard sound that but it all came back with your description. Thanks.

  4. We are getting that cold stuff here as well. Next week will be pretty darn cold. Today the sun is shining, which just makes it better. I hear all the birds chirping and see the squirrels playing and kitties sunning - so all is well with the world.

  5. Yep, certainly cold. Harvey and I had fun today trying to find where to plug in the new vehicle. Took most of the day, this is actually the first part of the winter that we have felt this necessary.

    I am happy that the sun is shining though and that I managed to get out on the deck to breathe some fresh air.

    Hope your blanket knits up quickly.

    God bless.

  6. We too are in a freeze here, and I was thinking just yesterday, while I ate dinner, that I was grateful for a warm home for me and my beasts. I still leave soft food outside for feline visitors; it disappears, so someone who needs it is eating it. It's more important than ever in this cold, so I will keep dishing it out. I just wish those outsider-cats would want to come in.

  7. It is a cold here as well (Ontario). February is being much nastier than January was. My brother (older) turned 64 on Groundhog day. It was shocking to think of him as 64. He's much younger than that, in my mind. -Jenn

  8. That is coooold! But the frosty branches are really quite lovely to see.

  9. When the snow squeaks, it's cold! It was -19F, with a real feel of -30F here this morning. Your pictures are so pretty!

  10. Brrrr! Stay inside!! glad you got stocked up. My brother sent me his forcast in Cold Lake and it is -39 and -41 too.
    You did much better than I did with the frosty branches, mine wouldn't focus. Aren't they beautiful?

  11. OH how beautiful that is. I could have done the same this morning but only a thin amount of snow. No beautiful hoar frost.
    Did I ever say here n a response regarding sewing that my first experience after getting a new sewing machine working (my then husband had to do the bobbin. It was and still is beyond my ken). ANYway. I cut out the pattern and material for a blouse. When starting to sew I discovered I sewed two left sides on. In correcting that I did it AGAIN! I gave up making anything but skirts for myself following that. I admire knitting and crocheting when I see it. That I know I have said. I wish I knew how!

  12. Stay warm! We have your cold weather now...I will be glad when it is over...maybe in a week. Stay safe!

  13. Super cold but such lovely frost. Thanks for sharing, and I hope that it warms up for you!


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