Friday 27 August 2021

A hodgepodge of a week

 We've had several days of light rain this week, adding up to about 2 inches overall.  It's been needed and I haven't had to water my containers for several days.  It's been cool though too, with temperatures struggling to reach 20C (68F).  I was ready to see the heat break but not so thrilled with these cooler days.  I'm not nearly ready for summer to end.  Sadly, the forecast shows two nice days (Sunday and Monday) and then we're back into the cooler weather for the next ten days or so.  

I did get out one day, in between rain showers to harvest a few of my veggies. It may not look like much (and it isn't) but for the few plants that I have I'm happy.  I started the tomatoes and larger green peppers from seed in late April, while the jalapeno and small red pepper plants were picked up in July when the garden centre was selling off the last of their plants.  I picked another green pepper and several more tomatoes this morning.  I'm hoping to let the rest continue to ripen on the plants but the nights have been getting cool.  5C (41F) has been the lowest thus far. 

Oh well, with the cooler weather, it certainly has given me time (and perhaps a push) to get some deep cleaning done around here.  I'm almost finished the main floor but am starting to lose momentum. Hence starting this blog post on Friday rather than tackling the spare room.  I'm working on doing some decluttering at the same time and have started another box for donations and a bag for clothing.  Neither have much in them yet.  

When I haven't been cleaning, I've been watching the IHHF women's hockey. Our Canadian team started out slowly but have been gelling as a team as the week has progressed. I'm disappointed that the networks are showing so little of the ParaOlympics.  There are two hours scheduled this afternoon on one of our major networks so I'll catch up on the news before the football this evening.  I've been working on a crochet project at the same time.  It's a hexagon African daisy and I'm using up a few partial balls of various colored yarn along with a huge ball of white yarn I'd picked up at Value Village. When I run out of purple, I have two balls of pink but will need a third. If that runs out before I have enough pieces, I'll use some yellow yarn for the flowers, though again, I only have two shades.  Oh darn, I will have to buy more yarn. :p  

I did go shopping again this week, for groceries, cat food and litter, with stops at the local thrift and dollar stores as well.  For less than $25 at the thrift stores, this is my haul.  Three t-shirts for Eli, a blue cake pan for D, the basket to hold my pumpkins, more fabric for pumpkins or napkins, two good sized balls of cotton yarn, a crochet craft kit and a Morris Design candy jar.  The crochet craft had an original price of $25 - which I never would have paid - so I think I did well.  There is enough cotton yarn to make two more shopping bags, and I couldn't resist the candy jar.  It appears it was a promotional item as the company sells candies.  I did find a cookie jar listed at $33C, so I expect is has some value.  I've no intention of selling it, instead it will have a place in my kitchen.

I've been reorganizing a bit in my craft room, taking stock of what I have, with a plan to use as much as possible in the next few months.  I've started on a few Christmas crafts, as well as Halloween.  Here are some finishes:

The larger "Boo sign" will be hung on my front door in place of the wreath. I have a set of battery operated miniature lights that I'll add to the sign to make it more visible.

The smaller Boo sign is for my tier tray. I  want to add some fake cobwebs to the Happy Halloween frame and will display it on the china cabinet.  (Any real cobwebs have been dispensed of this week). 

The last is a wooden pumpkin which I sanded, painted and covered with paper napkins.  This side I like the best because it almost looks like a face.  

The winter/Christmas item is this board that will be leaned against the wall on top of the china cabinet.  I used a sheet of scrap book paper for the base but I wanted it to have more of a 3D effect so added the trees and stars. 

In other news, D is getting Eli ready for school.  They had their last meeting with the occupational therapist on Wednesday.  K will be writing a report with several recommendations for the school and plans to visit the classroom in a month or so.  D has had a call with the principal too, to go over a few things that came up last spring.  One of them, which I just learned of, was he was called Elias at school even though D and Eli both requested he be called Eli.  The only time any of us call him Elias is when he is being naughty.  I wonder if the use of that name had some negative effect on him in the classroom.  The new preschool teacher started work this week and is planning to meet with a small groups of parents and children over the next few weeks.  Eli and two other children are the only ones returning from last year,  everyone else has moved on to kindergarten. I'm hoping they'll be able to make him a "helper" for the younger children as a way to keep him engaged.

On a pessimistic note, we're seeing an increase of Covid-19 cases here, especially among children and young adults.  The small town that D lives in had six children attending the ER just this week. (She has a friend who is a nurse). So she's quite concerned about the risk to Eli.  Most of the city school boards are mandating masks for elementary school children and recommending masks in high school.  But the smaller towns have yet to make announcements even though school starts on September 1.  D is planning to send Eli to school in a mask regardless, but knows that it will be difficult for him to wear it if others are not.  

Our provincial government has basically given up.  There will be no more health orders, they're leaving it up to the personal responsibility of individuals.  I guess they're unaware of how that's gone in other jurisdictions.  Of course, they were re-elected last fall so they've got three years or so before the electorate can hold them accountable if/when things go badly.  I'm tired, so very tired, of personal freedom (a term used by our health minister) overriding the welfare of the collective.  If that's the case, let's do away with seat belts and bike helmets, bring back lawn darts, smoking in vehicles, and permit drunk driving.  On the latter aspect at least two of our current provincial politicians have some experience - one resulting in the death of a woman.  

Too, we're in the midst of the federal election campaign.  The leaders are promising anything and everything to secure the votes - even when the promises appear to be contrary to the values held by the party.  To be honest, I don't think anything they are saying will swing votes.  Many people are so entrenched in partisanship that listening with an open mind is damned near impossible.  (I'll admit even though I try I get easily frustrated.) Thankfully it's a short campaign, just 36 days, with the election to be held on September 20. 

On a far happier note, I'm off to visit a friend tomorrow in a nearby city.  I've been feeling a bit claustrophobic, only getting out to shop and am starting to crave contact with others that aren't family.  We're planning to visit the Farmer's market and take a walk in the park, with a stop for coffee or tea at a patio.  It's been nearly two years since I've seen C in person - it will be wonderful to see her again.

Since I've covered the week's happenings, I'll wrap this up and publish it today.  I may be back with a post on Sunday as I'm planning to take my camera with me.  I haven't been outdoors for a walk for some time, getting my steps and activity indoors instead.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend!


  1. Had to smile when you said "Any real cobwebs have been dispensed of this week." I had a friend years ago throw glitter into her real cobwebs for Halloween. Looked pretty good and it did make the spiders look elsewhere for a home.
    Know how frustrating this "personal freedom" talk is since that totally disregards the safety of others.
    Enjoy your visit with your friend and stay safe.

  2. Glad you got rain and I would love those cooler temps. That is about perfect in my book.
    Your crafts are always so cute and creative.
    Have a nice visit with your friend.

  3. You have been busy! I hope Eli does well in school and they address him properly. The rain is most welcome here and the cool temperature too...Fall is in the air!

  4. I, too, would love those cooler temps. We had a day, day and a half break and now we're back up into the 30sC with the humidex. I WANT 20C for a high temp! LOL.

    I wish CBC was broadcasting more of the Paralympics too! I thought they were going to broadcast as much as they did for the "regular" Olympics, so I'm disappointed. I guess it's too uncomfortable for most of us to watch people with bodies that are different? I don't know, can't fathom any other reason, that they wouldn't get the viewership. Maybe that's not fair, though, maybe it's just too close to school opening, with people focused on return to both school and work.

    Fingers crossed that all goes well for Eli this school year, that the school admin addresses concerns.

    As for politics...Arrggghhh. It looks like ON finally will cave to pressure for a vaccine passport, but we'll see what they say on Tuesday. My mind just boggles at general human stupidity and lack of common sense re: the pandemic. Hey, let's do away with public health measures! Here in ON we're holding in Phase 3 of reopening, so we still do have mask mandates. Even if you're fully vaccinated you still have to take precautions; even if you don't get sick, you could pass the virus onto to someone more vulnerable. I don't understand what's so hard to grasp about this. I, too, am sick of the "my individual rights above yours or anyone else's" selfish attitude. That's fine if you're a hermit living in a shack on a mountain with no human contact, having your supplies air-dropped in. But when you're a member of a larger community, you have a duty to be a good citizen. But obviously many (what, 20%) don't see it that way. It's always the angry, screaming minority that gets attention and causes disruption.

    As for the federal election....NO COMMENT. LOL. Oh, other than to ask where climate change is. I haven't heard anyone talking about it, vaccinations and the crisis in Afghanistan has overshadowed everything I've heard, to the point that I don't bother listening. A change in government still will be more of the same in the end, no matter who is elected.

    Anyway, have a WONDERFUL visit with C! That will be fantastic, I know how amazing it was to visit with my friends after 17 months. :-)

    Take care, stay well and stay safe!

  5. You certainly keep yourself busy. I need to get busy on housework, but the heat and humidity lately kind of kept me reading under the fan. Now we are having a bit of a break from humidity so I wonder what I can use for an excuse now.

  6. You got some good finds at the thrift store. I hope things go well for Eli at school, and that the school will require masks. Have a good and healthy week.

  7. Unfortunately, the only thing that really matters to a politician is power. Even if they want to do good, they must be elected to do it, which means subjugating everything to gaining power. And wearing masks is a political issue. It's very discouraging.

    I like the holiday decorations, though. Being in ana apartment, I don't get the chance to show off much in the way of decorating outside, but it is always fun to see those who do.

  8. We noticed on our drive up yesterday that you have received more rain than us down here in the southeast. Driving home last night we ran into heavy rains, but the closer we got to home the less was falling, and getting into the city, well it was pretty well dry.

    Your crafts are just lovely!!! You do such a wonderful job.

    Yep our governing body is playing to the basest of their base. Makes me so mad.

    God bless.

  9. Good luck to D and Eli with his schooling.
    As usual your crafting is lovely, we don't have much room for the decorations so In only put out a couple of small things at Hallowe'en. Christmas, when we're settled, I go a bit crazy inside our 400 sq. feet! ;)

  10. HI! I'm late! All kinds of stuffs going on here! I may get a small brea from it next week. Maybe. Anyway, my tomatoes gave up the ghost weeks ago Leaves turned all grayish and gnarly. I got the last ones that formed off the plant and gave up. They had to go thru bad BAD weather. I have bunches to say but I'd be writing a blog here so I'll stop. They really need to call Eli what the family prefers and what HE prefers. I'm a little surprised they're being silly about it.


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