Saturday 3 March 2018

Cocoa Beach, Florida - Vacation Day 2

I've managed to lose my notes from my vacation - had them yesterday - so I'll have to try to rely on my memory (and photos) to share my experiences. I suspect it will show up at some point, likely after I've finished these posts. :)

I spent the second day of my vacation walking on the beach and wandering the little community of Cocoa Beach.  This photo is actually from the night prior after I returned from the Space Centre.  There were lots of people walking on the beach and a few in the ocean itself.

The following morning, after breakfast at the hotel, I headed down to the beach again.  I was so disappointed when I saw this equipment.  The workers would not allow us onto the beach at this point, so I walked down the street to another breezeway to get to the water.

My understanding is from talking to others, this was a project to reclaim the sand from the ocean.  Definitely worthwhile!

The waves were big enough for surfing.  This young man was quite good, definitely the most talented of the riders there that day.  I hung out and watched them for a good while before heading further down the beach.

By the way, I did walk along the water's edge, though didn't go into the water as I had my camera equipment with me.  The waves were strong enough that I did get splashed up to the knees a few times.  The water was cold, but lovely as the air temperature was near 78F (25C).  Perhaps I wouldn't have thought so if I had actually gone into the surf.

This viewpoint is looking down the beach towards the area where the sand reclamation was going on.  That tall tower-like equipment on the right moved back and forth between the beach and the sea.  I'm not sure what it's purpose was, but obviously it was a necessary part of the operation.  You'll also see the sea fog still hanging on.  Both days I was there the fog didn't entirely burn off until noon, even though the sun was strong.

Further down the beach is the Cocoa Beach pier.  I didn't get there, this shot was taken with my zoom lens.  

The fellow who drove me to Cocoa Beach told me the covered portion is a restaurant and bar.  I believe there is a cost to walk on the pier of $2USD.  Apparently it's also a prime spot for fishing.  Next time, I'm in the area it will be on my list of things to do in Cocoa Beach.  It has the small town feel I enjoy and oh, that beach...

After a very tasty lunch of fish tacos at the Shark Pit restaurant in the hotel next door, I wandered down the street to check out some of the local stores.  The Ron Jon Surf shop is open 24 hours a day (really, why?) and I spent an hour looking but not buying - a child's t-shirt was over $20USD!  From there I went looking for the Dinosaur store because I'd read they have a couple of alligators. I never did find them and didn't really like the products so that visit was short lived. Walgreens was my next stop where I picked up some more sunscreen and a couple of magazines.  On the way back to the hotel, I needed a washroom, so stopped at a gelato store.  Salted caramel gelato on a hot afternoon hit the spot!

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon by the pool, reading and relaxing.   About 4 p.m. I headed back down to the beach to see if there were any cruise ships sailing out.

There goes a Disney ship! If you look closely at the smoke stacks you'll see Mickey ears.  I was excited to see it go by, as it I'd be o the Norwegian Epic the following day.  

I've always wanted to be on the beach to watch sail-away, though I always assumed it would be Fort Lauderdale.  I'll still keep that location on my bucket list for someday. 

One final photo of the ocean and my day on the beach ended.

I headed out to find something to eat for dinner (though for the life of me I can't recall where I ate...must not have been that good).  It gets dark quiet early, about 6:30 or 7 p.m. so I went back to my room to watch some Olympis and turn in early, as the alarm for the following morning was set for 7 a.m.  

Coming up next....embarkation day.


  1. My favourite shot is of the pier itself. It looked pretty busy at the restaurant end!

    I just read an article yesterday about people retiring on board cruise ships, either for many years or for just a couple of years. Costs were about the same, maybe slightly better, to do that, than to live in a retirement residence. Of course one would have to be in good health, be mobile, and like that kind of lifestyle too. The article focused, in part, on the sense of community for the retiree, the activities to keep one engaged, etc. It was pretty interesting, and I thought of you while reading it. :-)

  2. I married and went straight to FL., and my husband worked at the Cape. We lived down from Cocoa and Cocoa Beach in Melbourne. I loved it...just loved it there and miss it to this second.

  3. I can't believe so many people were going into the water, if it was cold. The temperature of the air itself sounds like it was nice. I wonder if the sand reclamation is an efficient business; I suppose it must be, but it seems as though it would be expensive. Still, as you write, worthwhile.

    And surfing I could never go for. I would imagine learning would be painful on the knees and hips. It's for younger people than myself...


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