Tuesday 13 March 2018

Cozumel - Vacation Day 8

This is as close as I got to gangway in Cozumel.  I had planned to stay onboard ship and I did.  The others went off to do their tours and excursions, leaving a very few of us behind.  It was great!

The reason for the bikes is the walk from where the ship was docked to the port is quite a hike.  It was fairly cool (low 70'sF) in the morning but I'm sure they got lots of riders in the afternoon when it heated up.

I wandered around the ship for an hour or so after the others left before heading to the spa for a deep tissue massage.  

I got sucked in to a longer massage, 75 minutes instead of 50, and while it was stupidly expensive, it was the best massage of my life.  I carry the tension in my neck and upper back, and by the time she finished I was as relaxed as I've ever felt.  For the rest of the day I made certain to drink lots of water (no strawberry daiquiris for me that day).

I continued my wander through the ship, since there was little sun that day so no point in going to Posh...especially since there were no strawberry daiquiris for me that day.  I found various corners to people watch and read my book.  It was a quiet but perfect day!

I wandered up to deck 15 for sail-away and got this photo of a small fishing boat heading back to the mainland.  I really didn't take many photos at this port and the few I did, were taken with my cellphone.

Dinner was at Taste that evening with Sandra, Amy, and Helene.  It was the worst meal I ate the entire trip...the entree was chicken basil.  It was supposed to be stuffed with cheese and basil but the chicken was dry and the service was slow so there seemed little point in ordering something different.

After dinner we went for a drink, and visited for a bit before I headed back to the cabin.  The others headed off to Spice H20 (another adult area of the ship at the back of the ship) for the glow party.  Participants wear white or neon colored clothing and carry glow sticks or wear bracelets or necklaces.  I had picked up some at the dollar store intending to attend, but I was just too tired.  The rest of the group was happy to use them!

Cozumel was our final port, with a sea day before disembarkation.  I'll (hopefully) post about those two days tomorrow.  It has been a busy week at work thus far and tomorrow is looking even more so.  


  1. Sounds like it was a great rest & relaxation day, and the massage...heavenly. I've never really had a massage, it's not something that our benefits plan covers, so I don't get them. But sitting at a desk all day really wreaks havoc on the body, so I can well imagine how good you felt afterward. :-)

  2. I always liked the idea of those pedal-taxis. They must be a bit awkward to pilot at first, but they probably bring quite a financial reward during the tourist season. And I like the tiny boat in the last photograph.


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