Friday 17 May 2019

Another bump or two in the road

I'm beginning to think that selling the house isn't a good idea.  There is nothing that can't be rectified but I think I'm at the point where my commitment has waned and I'm ready to move on.  I know, I know, it's only been a couple of weeks and I need to be patient.  Not my strong suit!

This week we got the report back from the energy company and learned my sun room has a gas line running under it.  In the time since I purchased the house there have a been a couple of homes that were destroyed due to a gas line explosion so now all houses that are listed for sale must get a clear report.  (I guess it doesn't matter if you're living's only a safety hazard when selling.)  So the following morning a technician came out and verified where the line is - the sunroom is 16X16 feet and the gas line is about 18 inches in from the far corner.  For that, the sidewalk has to be cut and the line moved at a cost of $900.  I don't know whether they'll repair the sidewalk or if that will be my responsibility, but I'll also have a whole in the lawn that will need to be filled in and new sod laid. Thankfully I was prepared for a bit of unexpected issues and had some money aside for this sort of thing.  However, the line move won't happen until June 14.  Again, is it really that big of safety issue?  

The same morning, the realtors caravan came through with seven agents in attendance.  In the words of my realtor, "Nice floor plan, some thought the yard was small but some liked the sun room.  Consensus on price was it's a touch high. Everyone said they could smell the cats."  This latter point seems to be consistent theme, so I went out and bought two new cat boxes (I use Rubbermaid tubs) and new litter.  This morning, I emptied the old tubs, swept, vacuumed, and washed the floor, sprayed the wall behind, and put in the new boxes.  I've been cleaning the tubs everyday, sometimes twice a day (which maybe isn't enough?), and will continue to do so.  There is a diffuser in the room as well.  When we have a showing I'll put the lids on the tubs and hopefully, fingers crossed that will be enough to keep their noses happy.  

We did have a showing last evening.  I've not gotten any feedback from the visit and certainly no offer has come in.  I suspect a decision will need to be made next week, do I lower the price in order to get a sale or do I stick to my original price and take the house off the market in three months (when the contract ends) and wait until next year.  My heart and my head are arguing over this decision.  There are pros and cons to both alternatives and while I'm practical enough to realize this, I'm ready to move on.

Again, back to being patient.  What is meant to be will happen, not necessarily according to my timing.

In the meantime I'm learning to be patient with my camera as the birds are flocking to my yard.  I guess the word is out the feeder is available.  I'll end this post with a few favorites photos from this afternoon.

My brother told me to put a rock in the center of the bird bath because the smaller birds couldn't reach the water when it wasn't completely full.  I'm pleased to see them using it now.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Man, you are having to deal with stuffs as the kitties say. I really hate the gas line thing and for pity sakes...a hole in the lawn? Never thought about the cats' litter. At least you don't smoke thank heavens! That was a terrible issue with one of the bloggers who was trying to sell. The place reeked no matter what they did.

  2. I would freak over the gas line, and have that taken care of (especially if I stayed!) because that's the kind of person I am. But anything else? Sheesh, no. BTW, Mom is a heavy smoker and she didn't have any problem selling the house after Harry went into long-term care. It was neat as a pin and clean, of course, but it needed a gut to update from the 1960s. Mind you, the area in which she/they lived was borderline sketchy (down the street, not so good), and I think it was priced accordingly. I can't recall how much she got, somewhere in the $200Ks, and she was satisfied--it was reasonable for the area.

    The litter thing is being extra-picky, IMO. I scoop their boxes as many times a day as necessary when I'm home, and at least 2+ times on work days. I always ask friends and acquaintances if the house smells, because I lost my sense of smell years ago and can't tell. No one has ever said it does smell, so either everyone is lying or it really doesn't smell. I think the realtors are full of baloney, probably saw your litter boxes and that was that. Anyway, that was an easy thing for you to fix, whether it really needed fixing or not!

    As for your impatience...There are houses in our general neighbourhood that have been sitting for sale for months. Most go very, very quickly in this neighbourhood, I think it's usually when the house is over-priced for the work that needs to be done. Your house is immaculat and you've already updated everything. Is it a "buyer's market?"

    Every time I read your posts about all this, I just cringe, thinking of this place! I would/will discount the price, though, to take into account the work that needs to be done (kitchen, bathroom, other) if I haven't been able to do it before I finally sell. What's the difference, taking off $25K or putting $25K I don't have into it? (That's rhetorical.)

    Anyway, hang in and good luck! A couple of weeks is not long enough by any stretch. That said, timing is everything in life, and it remains to be seen whether the timing is off for you now or if you have to reduce the price to make the move you want. It'll all work out for the best, whatever that is!

  3. Well, that news sucks about the line. Certainly some tough decisions. Love your bird shots, that one of the bird bath is really amazing!

  4. Patience! I know that is easier said than done. Have you tried boiling some cinnamon and spices and maybe orange peels? people that have allergies are usually put off by for the smell...there is supposed to be better litter now a days. Maybe some baking soda mixed in. Sorry to hear about the gas line, guess it is a necessary expense if you want to sell. Keep on keeping on! :)

  5. Oh yes, I recall, when selling my house, comments from the realtor about the cats’ smell. I am sure that if MY house could sell with arome de feline in the air, yours definitely will. The gas-line is a bother, though. And I did lower my price - twice, if I recall. But that’s probably part of every sale.


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