Thursday, 30 May 2019

Up and down and all around

It's already Thursday!  What happened to this week?  I'm trying to recall but it obviously couldn't have been very special.  It's been a whirlwind of continual housecleaning - it never seems to end because I never know when I'll get a call for a showing.  Tuesday we had a showing at lunch time, so the morning was spent making sure the house was tidy.  Odds and ends were tucked away, the good towels were set out, the bed spreads smoothed out to eliminate the kitty foot prints and I even ironed the pillow cases.  I cleaned the cat litter (done at least daily) and before I left the house I put the lids on the tubs.  The cats and I piled into the car and went for a drive.  Saku wasn't thrilled to get into the carrier and both sang a bit when we left but they soon settled down.  We were only out of the house for a half hour so it wasn't too long.  I had hoped these might be the ones  We got feedback from the realtor, the house showed well (hence I can assume no discernible cat smell) but the deck on the back of the house was too big making the yard too small.  

Yesterday I got out of the house for much of day, doing grocery shopping, meeting a friend for coffee, attending to my nail appointment, and buying a few more annuals for the yard. I went to a few different garden centers to find impatience as I've decided the front flower bed needs a bit of color.  Walmart and Rona were a bust - everything looked nearly dead (frost advisory on Sunday and Monday nights) but Superstore surprisingly had really nice product.  It must have come in early that week.  Home Depot was my last stop and I picked up a couple of sweet potato vine to put in my front containers.  I like the look of a trailing plant in a tall container.

The weather is crazy, we had the frost advisories both Sunday and Monday night but by Wednesday afternoon it was 31C (88F) and the air conditioner was running.  Another old saying, if you don't like the weather in Saskatchewan, wait 15 minutes.  We sure could use some rain but there is none in the forecast.  Today I mowed and watered the back bit of lawn and gave it a real good soaking.  SaskTel was here this week to trench in the conduit for the InfiNet line and dug up a chunk of it so it needs some repairs.  I've got some grass seed that I'll put out after Sask Energy shows up on July 14 to move the gas line...before that it will just look a bit of a mess.

Today I had company, D and Eli came this morning about 10 a.m. We went for walk along the local pond, where Eli pointed out the the doose and the duck.  (the letter d seems to be easier for him to say than other letters)  Later we had lunch together, went shopping at the local Salvation Army store for summer clothing (great deal, kids clothes 50% off), and then they headed to her friend L for the rest of the day.  They'll be back tomorrow as D has lunch plans and I'll watch Eli.  He's so much fun but boy can he make a mess in nanoseconds.  Even though I took him outside to eat his frozen yogurt I still found drips on the floor in the kitchen.

Sunday we'll have another open house, and I'm not entirely looking forward to it.  The cats and I will need to spend just over two hours in the car, with the a/c running continuously as our temps will continue to be near 30C (85F).  I have reduced the price based on the prices of houses that have sold in the neighbourhood recently and am hopeful the right buyer/buyers show up for this open house.  My son C and I went out looking at condo open houses last weekend and found one he really, really liked.  Unfortunately he does need my help to afford it so that has to wait until this house sells as I don't have the cash to split the down payment.  It is a really nice unit but if it sells there are currently two others in the same compound that are listed.  If it is meant to be, it will happen.

No new photos to share so I'll post a photo my brother sent to me this morning.  It was taken from his breakfast table on the verandah looking out towards the valley.  Nice view though I wouldn't the work to keep up the yard and house!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It's tough to wait for something you really want, to surrender to the flow of the Universe and your life, without moving into resignation (as I tend to do). I hope your house sales soon, but whatever happens, all will be okay.

    Have a lovely weekend and send a bit of warmer weather our way. I wonder if I'll even need any a/c this year!

  2. The deck is too big and the yard too small... Good Heavens, people sure have different tastes. Another person would love the size of the deck - but find something else to complain about. Moving is bad enough, having to sell your house to do so is much worse. But someone will want to buy, I'm sure of that; it's just a matter of time - or timing.

  3. That is the part I hated the most, listening to the criticisms and keeping the house bloody picture perfect all the time. Your brother does have a lovely view. A friend of mine has a saying "whatever will be will be", a really fabulous way to think about life.

  4. I hadn't thought about how having prospective buyers really keeps your feet to the fire on housecleaning. Bummer. Also a shame you have to pack up the cats each time. I was so lucky in Florida when I sold my place. It sold the first day listed. It was a boom market and top dollar. Yes, I know how lucky I was. Hope yours goes quickly.

  5. Oh I remember that keeping the house perfect. At the time I didn't have cats so that certainly helped. And the times they show up...oy vey!

  6. Can't imagine trying to keep our house perfect in order to sell. Have never had to do it as our builder bought our last house when we built this one in 1985. I suppose it will have to happen eventually. But after 34 years, there's a lot to go through. And with cats... it's one more thing that makes it extra work. If I had to take our 3 out every time a prospective buyer came by, they'd hate it. But good luck with the sale! Hope it happens soon and works out well for you. And your brother has a beautiful porch!

  7. Maebeme, I have just joined your list of readers. I figure it is about time after reading your nice comments on my blog. I'm always hesitant and particular to add blogs to my sidebar as then I feel bad if I can't read them everyday. With limited wifi, we are careful how much time we are online. After reading this post, I'm happy to add yours to my own list and I'm going back to see what you've been up to.
    The whole process of listing our homes is frustrating sometimes. Especially if it drags on and on. For the very reasons you state - keeping it cleaner on a daily basis than what we do anyway. The critiques are infuriating too, nitpicking is all it is. Bill and I don't like the 'staging' thing and told our agent that we would meet her half way and that was it. Don't tell us how to show our home. LOL
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, I enjoy your input when you take the time.


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