Tuesday 21 May 2019

Sunshine...makes me happy!

A happier post for a change!  No the house hasn't sold but I've put that aside for now because I think I can safely say that spring is finally here to stay.  We've had temps in range of 17-20C (60's F) for the last few days and the forecast suggests this trend will continue.  While overnight temps are down, it's still staying above freezing and no frost in the forecast.  Hooray for warmer weather!

I picked up my plants a week or ten days ago (I can't keep track of time without some reference point) and I've been dragging them in and out of the garage at night ever since.  Last night I left them out and everything looked great this morning so I spent

Out in front I planted petunias in the taller containers; these were in containers at Walmart for less than $10 so I grabbed two.  Initially I thought I might be able to split them but they were so root bound in the original containers that I just plunked them into these. 

They give an instant hit of color and fill most of the container.  I like to have something that appears like it's been there for awhile.  

The front container has the leftovers. :)  There is an osteospermum (purple), a pansy, a lobelia, and a coleus.  I know the latter prefer part sun, and this area tends to get sun morning and late afternoon/evening because of the evergreen so hopefully it will do well there.

The front flower bed is primarily perennials.  I added the hanging plant a couple of weeks ago.  It's a fuschia that I got at Costco for $15 and one of my favorite plants.  

In the silver container back by the thermometer are pansies.  I normally put impatiens in this spot but no one seems to have them this year.  It doesn't get a lot of sun (which pansies prefer) but I'll try them here and if I need to move the container I will.  

In the garden the columbine is beginning to grow, the hostas and ferns are just starting to poke through the ground, the dianthus and bell flower are up and have lots of new growth.  And then there is the perennial I bought last year, the name of which I can't recall.  It's doing fabulously and if I ever figure out what it is I'll show you.  The heartleaf bergenia is pushing stalks of flowers.  This is another favorite as it blooms early in the spring.

This the front patio and flower bed from the perspective of the neighbour's path to the rear of the house.

In the containers are osteospermum, along with coleous and lobelia.  I've stayed with just a few varieties and few containers this year because I won't be able to take everything with me (assuming the house sells).  

Out on the back deck, I've got just three containers! Normally there would be a dozen or more.  These have white and pink geraniums, a lobelia and a trailing ivy.

I'm so happy to finally be able to get my hands in the dirt (though my esthetician may not be so happy when she sees my nails next week).  Getting a bit of color in my world is uplifting too!

Thanks for the comments on my previous post.  I got rid of the old cat litter boxes, bought new tubs and got a new brand of cat litter, "Fresh for Life" that seems to be working really well.  It's dark in color, clumps well, and is truly dust free.  Keeping these clean, with a diffuser in the room, seems to be keeping any odor down...though I haven't had the opportunity to test it out with any new viewers or company.  

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Flowers do make the world better - I agree, getting your hands dirty helps soothes the soul. Love those tall planters, a steal at $10 each

  2. Flowers are a great spirit lifter!! :)

  3. I echo both comments! Flowers, and getting your hands into dirt, are wonderfully healing, soothing things. :-)

    I do hope your house sells soon, and for the price you want, but just go with the flow. It'll all work out as it's meant to, in due course. (Or so I keep telling my own self--lol. Timing really is everything!)

  4. It’s still been cool here, and not many people are doing anything with their gardens or flowers. I’m not a gardener myself, but I, like those who are, would like a wee bit warmer temperatures to enjoy.

  5. Does feel good to get your hands dirty doesn't it. Containers you can take with you is a smart idea. I use an automatic litter box and it is amazing. Though I do ask my company if they can honestly smell anything for we can get nose blind.

  6. I love how well things are going there for you weather-wise. It is so wonderful when we can see sun more often than rain and gloom. And while I haven't had a container flower garden much, I do have two potted petunias. Time was that (several years ago) I grew tomatoes and peppers and onions in containers. They were towering and produced a lot of vegetables. They too are a spirit lifter. I sprinkle a coat of baking soda in the bare litterbox after I empty and clean it and before I pour in the litter...it helps a lot. By the way, I'm 5'1 also. We are shorties for certain!


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