Thursday, 2 May 2019

Fun times

It's really happening!  The for sale sign is out front and the listing is up on the internet.  When Curtis put up the sign and dropped off the lock box, I told him I want a showing the following day.  

We'll see if I get my wish. 

Meanwhile I had a visitor on Thursday afternoon as well.  D had an optometrist appointment so dropped Eli off with me for an hour or so.  After she returned the three of us headed down to the park.  Eli had a blast!  He's big enough now to climb he stairs and knows how to turn himself on the slide.  (I wish I had half his energy level).

He must have climbed up and slid down a dozen times or more.  He ran around the playground area, checking out the other equipment as well and he and his mom slid down the biggest slide together.

The funniest thing was when he lay down on the sand and sifted it through his fingers.  When he got back up he was covered in sand, silly kid!

I had fun this afternoon with him. We read a book together (a couple of times).  He can say apple, ball, car, whale, tree, and corn.  He points out those things as well as the dog, the umbrella, glasses, and the elephant.  I love when he makes the sound that the various animals make.  He loves to be read to, and D has been making a real effort to read every day to him.

When we got back to the house, he played some more outside in the back yard.  He ran around with the ball, took everything out of the small shed, and when his mother tried packing it up in a box, he helpfully unpacked the box.  He's a stinker all right!

They stayed until about 4:30 so that Uncle C could have a short visit, and then they were off to a friend's house for the night.  After dinner, I went into each room and tidied up the things he'd disturbed.  There wasn't a lot, since we spent a good portion of his visit outdoors.  He'll get a second chance tomorrow, when they are back after her doctor's appointment in the morning.  We'll likely do a Costco run, and then I'll have him with me in the afternoon while she has her second appointment in the afternoon.  

I know we'll have lots of fun again...and I'll have some cleaning up to do when he leaves.  But I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. Finger crossed you have lots of showings quickly with the perfect buyer!

  2. I will echo those wishes and keep my fingers crossed too!

    Have fun with Eli, and hopefully there won't be too much to tidy up. :-)

  3. Outside is perfect for kids when you are trying to have your home Realtor ready :) Plus he looks like he had a complete blast! So exciting that the sign is up, the ball is now rolling

  4. He sure is a cutie. So neat that his parents and you read to him and he is developing a love for reading. I fear electronics will pull todays kids away from books. Keep up the good work.

  5. Yeah i hope your home sells fast! What a fun day with a toddler:)

  6. Oh yes, to have half of a child's energy. Where does it all come from? No one could eat enough food to fuel all that activity. And such resilience. I remember falling from a hundred feet up onto the ground and thinking nothing of it. Well, I may exaggerate... But it felt like that. Or perhaps it feels like that in my memories... It must be tiring just to watch Eli sometimes.

    And the 'for sale' sign is up, eh? Good Heavens!


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