Tuesday, 1 October 2019

September's to-do list

1.  Count my blessings – daily
2.  Send a letter or card to someone
3.  Drive out to visit D and Eli
4.  Invite guests over for a visit or dinner - I borrowed my friend K's nose.  I guess I can count that as a visit as we sat and chatted for awhile
5.  Attend stitch, make, and chat at the library 
6.  Make a gift - still a work in progress.  Just have the back stitching to complete.
7.  Sew or craft something/finish an ongoing project - I sewed the cape for Eli for Halloween.  No photos of the little guy in it....sometimes he's just not cooperative
8.  Go to the $$ or thrift store - I know I bought sandwich bags at the $$ store, but I can't recall if I went to thrift store last month.  
9.  Try a new recipe - tried a recipe for brownies that used chocolate chips instead of cocoa.  Not impressed although it tasted okay.
10. Read a book - in addition to a couple of true crime books that I picked up at the book sale in August, I finished "The First Time" by Joy Fielding.  The story of a woman diagnosed with ALS, and the affects on her life and those who love her.  
11. Watch a movie - I PVR'ed "Girl in the Bunker", "Cast Away" "Keanu", "Suffragette", "The Notebook", and the "Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  Maybe this month I'll get around to watching movies.
12. Take a walk in the park - I'm counting my hike up to the ridge and Hidden Valley with my brother for this one.
13. Repurpose/recycle something
14. Bake something and share it
15. Invest in myself – join a yoga class or Aquasize, or use my weights - this is something I have to challenge myself on.
16. Mow the lawn once, sweep the deck weekly
17. Have coffee on the back deck or front patio
18. List something to sell on Varage sale
19. Volunteer
20. Listen to my Spanish CDs in the car

It was a bit of a mixed bag this month.  I got some things done, but others just fell by the wayside.  It is what it is and I'm certainly not going to worry about it.  The list is good for those days when I can't think of what to do with myself, which are very rare. 

Since I have no photos of my progress this month, I'll share a photo my brother sent me.  He and his buddy Pete went hunting last weekend up near our home town.  Beautiful, isn't it?


  1. Lovely wilderness photo. I can't believe it's fall already. Summer was so late in coming (at least here) that being on the downside of the year and heading for winter seems crazy.

    You did a lot on your list, I think! I probably wouldn't get more than one or two things done if I had such a long list. I'm too lazy! LOL.

    Happy October!

  2. What a list!!!!!!!

    Nope, I'd not get much done, on such a list. Guess I'm just not a do-list-maker. Grocery lists, oh yes! So we don't forget, when we get there!

    Sometimes, a little list of things to do, that day...

    But not a month worth of things to do.

    Whatever works for each of us.

    Yes, beautiful photo...

  3. I was going to ask you how many you actually completed! :) No judgement whatsoever! Lists are just a helping hand, like you said, except for the packing ones. Hah!
    I just can't believe it has been a month since your last list!?

  4. I think you did great and what an impressive list. Hum, maybe I could use one of those.

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog post, of yesterday. There is thus, a lovely discussion going on, there.

    I am so grateful to those who commented.


  6. I keep carrying things over from previous months, so other than processing food from the garden nothing new will be added until I finish a few projects.

    Love the photo.

    God bless.

  7. I am so sorry about your cousin - I've been away from reading my blogs. Life is fleeting.

  8. Should add sell house to your list! You made some progress on that list!

  9. Such beautiful scenery; for all those who think that Saskatchewan is just flat prairie.


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