Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wordy Wednesday

Sadly, winter has arrived.  
Already a small pile of snow on the patio.
The deck is covered. 

The bird feeder is well attended.

The only one who seems to be enjoying it is my brother's dog Kola, on a run with R.  


  1. Crap, you sure have a lot of snow already! It's frosted here a lot this week but that also means sunshine, rare this time of year. We find it cold but when it frosts near the ocean it seems colder than it is (plus you become a wimp after a few years of living here)

  2. Yep, we have snow down here as well. I think winter might just have come very early this year.

    God bless.

  3. The good thing about snow, is that you must have had killing frost, already.

    I am looking forward to the frost!

    Not to the snow, or to ice.


  4. Oh, gees....! We're slated for 50 mm of rain tomorrow (Hallowe'en), on top of the 45 mm we got last Sunday (hope my roof doesn't leak!!!), but then there are flurries in Friday's forecast. Which I truly hope do NOT materialize, it's too early. We had an early start to winter last year, and it lingered far into spring. Bleh.

    I do like that shot of Kola...Really, it does seem that only dogs and young children enjoy the snow! Stay warm!

  5. That looks wonderful to me. Having lived most of my life in Florida, I LOVE snow. It brings out my 6 year old self.

  6. IT's raining horribly here with wind gusts at 60 mph. Ugh. Snow doesn't usually show it's head till late Nov at the earliest or somewhere in December.

  7. "Wordy Wednesday"... That's opposed to wordless, but I kept scrolling and thought much of what I read sounded familiar - I'd gone into your previous post!

    It's chilly here but nothing like that. I suppose November is close enough to winter for Saskatchewan, eh? I'm glad the birds have plenty to eat. They must feel grateful, going home with full bellies. And of course Kola likes it: he gets to go home to warm house and soft bed or blanket - and doesn't have to shovel anything!

  8. Winter has arrived here too. The pups are sure happy! Me, not so much!


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