Monday, 21 October 2019

Vegas, Part 2

Sun rise view from our room
On Wednesday, we slept in a bit.  By a bit, I mean I think I was awake shortly before 7 and S was awake around 7:30.  We had big plans for the morning!  We were off to the Premium Outlet mall (North) for more shopping....charge!!

Wait, the mall didn't open until 9:30 so we had a couple of hours to kill.  I really don't recall what we did, other than clean up, sort through more brochures, check e-mails and the like.  Why we were looking at more shows is beyond me...we were already booked for every evening.  I'm pretty sure we sat and gabbed as we're both pretty good at that!

The mall is also a short taxi ride from our hotel, just over the $10 mark again.  We were there early, just at opening time, but several stores had yet to open their doors.  We found the food court where we both got a small bite to eat before we headed out to the stores.  I think we were both a little overwhelmed with all the options but we soon put those feelings aside.  Our first stop was at Gap for Kids.  I found two t-shirts and two pairs of sweatpants for Eli for a mere $4.99 each!  S did well too, finding items on sale for her grandsons here too.

I don't recall where we went next, but do know we had a long stop at the Jockey store.  I found a dressy t-shirt, a skort, and a pair of leggings for myself for less than $45 (less than $60 Cdn per my credit card statement).  The clerk found me a chair to sit in, while S tried on much of the store...she loves Jockey!  She walked out with a full shopping bag, clothing that will be good for her trip to Cancun this winter, and for summer too.  

Then it was off to the Disney store, where I found the cutest pair of pj's for Eli, while S picked up t-shirts for her grandsons.  We had planned to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, but there was a huge line-up when we arrived so decided we'd wait until we returned to the hotel.  After a few more stops in various shops, she headed to the Children's Place while I tried a couple of shoe stores looking for a specific brand of shoes for Eli.  He has wide feet that makes finding shoes to fit difficult.  Unfortunately I wasn't successful.  It was time to head back to the hotel, but on our way out we decided a burger at the Shake Shack was a great idea.  Our feet were killing us by this point, so sitting down was the key!

Back at the hotel, it was time to go through our purchases, gather up the receipts, do the math to determine how close we were to our limits, and relax a bit before we both showered and got ready for the evening.  Since we were booked for the show at the Stratosphere, we decided to take in happy hour in the Sky Lounge 107.  If one choses - we did not - you can eat at the revolving restaurant on the 106th floor.  

The photo is of the Strip - it was incredible to watch the city light up as the sun set.  We weren't fortunate enough to have this view from our seats as the place was packed but there was a spot where one could stand and take photos.  We had drinks and appetizers there before we headed downstairs for the show.

Celestia is billed as "an all-new entertainment spectacular presented in a state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot theatrical tent and featuring a talented troupe of more than two dozen world-class performers."  It was a wonderful show and I have few photos to share and a video of the finale.  

There were two young women, one to either side of the stage whose flexibility was just incredible!  The show itself revolved around another young woman as she travelled through the world after falling from the sky (sorry no photos of that).  Along the way she met and danced/tumbled with several different groups.  Each group had a different theme or aparatus.  There were fire and ribbons and drums; throughout she appeared with her celestial orb that was presented to the group at the end of each performance.

One of my favorite duos was a father/daughter team who had been on America's Got Talent. Dad balanced his daughter either on his hands or on his head.  These two photos are the start of end of his climb up and over a ladder with his daughter balanced on his head.  Not once did it appear that either one was off balance!

I couldn't watch the entire finale, but did capture 30 seconds of video during part of it.  Yes, the height of their antics got to me, and I had to turn my head to look away!  These guys have no fear.  S told me they had several of the troupe below spotting them, but I don't care, if one of them were to fall from that height it would have caused some serious injuries. (I can't get it to play in preview so I hope it works for you!)

After the performance, we walked back to the hotel where we had a drink before settling in for the night.  It was a good day, just under 19000 steps on the FitBit, we both got some bargains, had some great food, and saw a fabulous show!  


  1. Wow, what a show! (And shopping bargains too!)

    I watched that video, no wonder you had to look away. I heard a woman cry, "Oh, god!" at one point in your video clip, when the person jumped/skipped rope? on that thing. I would have cried out too! :-O

  2. Interesting... Never heard of going to Vegas, for bargains.


  3. Sounds like you are going to make Eli one happy fella. So glad you found so many bargains. Now that was one scary act.

  4. What a fun time for you and S. I like vacations like that... filled with shopping, shows and good eating:)

  5. The show looks great. Glad you found lots of bargains.

    God bless.

  6. Yeah, having people spotting for you when you are at that height isn't much security. I could probably watch, but I certainly couldn't do... I'm not that brave. I had to chuckle about you going all the way to Nevada - to shop!

  7. Wow, great show. I have gone to 2 cirque shows, both were excellent. O which is the water one at Caesars which was fantastic and the Beatles one but both were 10 plus years ago. I do miss American outlet shopping. They just built a gigantic outlet store in Edmonton right near the airport and we stopped in last December while waiting for our flight home and it actually wasn't too bad but nothing like the American ones.


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