Sunday, 6 October 2019

What day is it?

This is a question I ask myself almost every day.  Thank goodness for my Fitbit as it shows the week day, date and time at the first tap.  Friday was especially bad, as I couldn't decide if it was Friday, Monday, or possibly some other day of the week.  I just knew it wasn't Saturday or Sunday because my son had left for work before I woke up!  Yes, I actually slept through his departure, and the cats didn't wake me until 7:15.  I'd like to say I woke refreshed after 8 hours of sleep but I recall I was having odd dreams before I truly came awake.

Of course, that would be the day that I had morning showing.  So it was up and at 'em.  Feed the cats, start the laundry, finish cleaning the kitchen, sweeping floors, vacuuming, spot washing floors, all before I sat to have a cup of coffee.  Then it was back to cleaning, wiping sinks and toilets, adjusting shower curtains, making the bed, spraying Febreeze on the furniture.  Saku has a habit of hiding under the bed to nap, which can make it difficult to get to him to take out of the house.  I'm sure his nose was out of joint, but I closed the bedroom door until I'd put him in his carrier.  

Let's see, what else did I get up to this week. I don't recall Monday and Tuesday at all, though I know I did catch up on paperwork, talked to a former co-worker on the phone (a lovely long chat), and worked on a couple of projects. Photos to follow.  Wednesday I had coffee with my friend C in the morning.  She's off on her trip this weekend so we didn't have dinner together on Friday.  I'm looking forward to her return and hearing about her trip.  In the afternoon, I headed off to my Stitch and Make group at the library.  I truly enjoy these ladies, they're all all interesting and we never run out of topics to discuss.  Two of them brought quilts they've sewed this summer for charity.  They both go to Arizona for the winter and the group they belong to create these projects throughout the year.  Absolutely beautiful work, and I so wish I could sew lines that straight!

I finished a couple of projects this week.  First up, is a knitted stocking for Eli for Christmas. This was quick and easy, I knit it up over two evenings - it's made in two pieces and then sewed together, so far easier than turning the heel.  It's not perfect, I'm not entirely happy with the foot, but that was the pattern and my stitching of his name is uneven.  Besides when I think back to the stockings I made for my kids (30 plus years ago) this one is much nicer.  Besides I'm sure Eli won't care!

The second project took more time. I started this for my friend C for a Christmas gift.  To finish, I'll need to stretch it for framing.  I need a piece of cardboard or something similar to stretch it over, before I can put it in the frame I purchased.  The color of the frame is similar to the color used in the wording of flip flops.  I'll be sure to take a photo of the finished project to share.
 The most exciting thing to happen this week is actually a change in plans.  I'm flying out to Edmonton to meet my friend S, a week from today.  We had made plans in June to drive from Edmonton to Fairmont Hot Springs in B.C. for four nights.  Well, the best laid plans were set aside because the weather forecast is for snow in the mountains, and relatively cold temperatures.  I wasn't keen on driving in the mountains (a first for me) in the snow.  We discussed that perhaps this is a trip better suited for a different time of year, and after some back and forth decided on Vegas!  Definitely a different direction.  We've booked ourselves into the Sahara for four nights flying out of Edmonton.  While a little more expensive than our original trip, the pricing was really good, under $700 per person for four nights including our flights and taxes.  I am so looking forward to getting away from it all for several days.  And just think, someone else will make the beds, vacuum, clean the bathroom, make the meals, and wash the dishes! 

We had another showing on Saturday morning.  No real feedback, but that's not unusual.  I'm having a chat with my agent later today to discuss a final price drop.  If someone who has been through the house, is truly interested, this might be the encouragement they need to come back.  While the listing ends mid-October, there will be no showings beyond the 12th as I'm flying out the next day.  That means this upcoming week is the end of it, at least for the time being.  I've told my agent, I'll decide while I'm away if I'm going to re-list or leave it off the market for a bit.  I do intend to list it again, at some point, but will take some time to interview agents, and to determine whether I put more money into this property to improve the chances of a sale.  

Saturday was also a football marathon.  We had three games, back-to-back.  The first game was fun to watch, as it was a defensive battle with the Montreal Alouettes beating the Calgary Stampeders.  I always appreciate when an Eastern division team beats one from the West - unless it's our Riders.  The second game featured the Riders versus Winnipeg Blue Bombers, our arch nemesis.  This was little more nerve-wracking to watch, so I kept my hands busy creating this little stuffed pumpkin.  It used up some scrap wool, and best of all, the Riders won!  We're "the best in the west", at least for this week.  The third game was a blow-out with the BC Lions leading the Toronto Argonauts 34-0 at half-time. It was at this point, I turned out the lights and went to bed.  

Yesterday, was also the anniversary of my daughter's move into her home.  I recall, it snowed that morning, but by the time the truck arrived it had melted and it was just wet.  The movers were finished fairly quickly and the only blip was not being to move the box spring up the stairs to the master bedroom.  Eli had spent the morning at the home of A, and I went over to pick him up, while D ran another errand.  The little guy was so excited when I brought him home.  He ran around the house, up and down the stairs, happy to be there.  A year later, they're both so content there.  In fact, they were here in the city on Thursday to drop J off; Eli stayed with me for an hour or so while his mom ran a couple of errands.  When she got back to the house, Eli asked to go in the car, wanting to go home.  It's been a good move, for all of us!

Today, will be a quiet day.  Maybe a little baking later on, but with no scheduled showings, an overcast and cool day outside, I'll do a few chores and simply relax the rest of the day.  Have a good week everyone!


  1. I have those days, especially after a holiday! "What day is this??????"

    But my calendar is right beside my refrigerator and I can look at that.

    By now, you probably have to look at, addressing something, about your home/property. Since so many have looked and no one bought. But then, what do I know about this...? Depends a lot on the economy probably too. Gooood luck!


  2. Love your stocking and pumpkin. October in Vegas the weather is usually great, one of my favorite times there. Still can be pretty warm. Have a fabulous time! Likely taking the house off the market until Spring at least is a good idea, people always seem to get itchy feet in early Spring and start looking at buying again.

  3. What's the difference between putting more money into the house to see if it sells versus lowering the price? I guess if you get back more than you put in it's worth it, but you'd sure want that to happen. Good luck sorting all of it out.

    That pumpkin is adorable, and so is the stocking for Eli. He won't notice any of your perceived "flaws." It was made with love, which is the most important thing of all.

    Your gift for C will be terrific too! Love the saying. :-)

    Vegas! I'm sure you'll have a great time! Enjoy every minute; take care.

  4. I hope you have a great trip to Vegas.
    I understand your conundrum about reducing or spending on improvements and re-listing. I would probably be inclined to take it off the market and start trying again in the early spring, but that is how the market in my area goes.

  5. Your house sounds really nice and I don't understand why it isn't selling. It is a tough call to change things or price drop or even relist when you don't know what it would take to sell it. LOL I don't envy you.
    Love the knitted and stitched projects.
    Have fun in Vegas! You deserve a break away.

  6. When I first retired, it was so hard to keep track of days. My computer helped with that and now like you, my fitness band is a life saver.
    Gosh, selling a house is hugely frustrating. I can't imagine the constant upheaval. I feel for you.
    Eli's stocking is so cute and love the pumpkin.

  7. I love reading your blog. I consider it a personal letter to ME! :-) It's so full of things I enjoy reading! Had a good time with this one too. LOVED the stocking and the pumpkin looks good enough to eat, Well, sorta.

  8. Why are comments off on your Wordless Wed. post?


  9. Love the cross stitch. You did very neat work.

    God bless.

  10. I'm glad you're not discouraged by the lack of offers on the house - except for that ridiculously low one. I would be. But I wouldn't put more money into the house to improve your chances. I think it is a fine house; it just needs the right people to see that.


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