Sunday, 26 April 2020

Before the wind blew

The sun is shining on this Sunday afternoon and the wind is a'blowing with gusts anywhere from 20-70 km/h (12-43 mph). This wasn't unexpected so I decided to walk earlier this morning. I'm grateful there is a great walking paths nearby and especially grateful for the wildlife that show themselves to me as I walk.

These two headed my way as other walkers were headed their way so they were caught in the middle. I'm sure they were wishing we'd all go away!
I walked over to the creek hoping to find some red-winged black birds.  The city has obviously cleared the banks and removed all the plants that were there.  It is very disappointing as the birds won't have places to hid their nests or the reeds to sit and sing from. 
This bunny was keeping an eye on me as I skirted past him.  

I heard this gull before he flew over me. (I won't tell you what my brother calls them, it isn't polite)

Why did the goose cross the road?  Well, based on these next few photos it was all because of a female.  She stayed on the shore and let the guys duke it out.

I've never seen these ducks before; I believe they are canvasbacks based on my internet search. I've sent the photo to my brother for confirmation. He was a conservation officer before he went into policing.  
Along the way there were a number of pairs relaxing in the sun.  These two didn't even budge as I walked by.
Finally, what a difference a week makes.  Last week the pond was still mostly covered in ice.  Not today!
There didn't seem to be as many birds around either, but our local man-made lake a few kilometres away is likely open as well. Hmmm...maybe it's time for a walk around the lake!

Take care and stay well everyone!


  1. Lovely photos. I always forget to take my camera with me. The weather has been beautiful here in Saskatchewan lately, perfect for early morning walks.

    God bless.

  2. You have lots of birds! Looks like a good place to walk!

  3. Such a wonderful walk! Thanks for sharing all the photos, I loved seeing all the birds and especially the rabbits (or are they hares?).

  4. That was quite a bit of wildlife and they all seemed content to pose for you, cept those in the midst of battle.

  5. I love red winged black birds, as soon as the weeds grow back I am sure they will be back. They sure have pretty song. Yes, the ducks and geese are out procreating, I am hoping to see some baby chicks soon

  6. Oh how I love your walk. I wish I had been walking along as well. I love Red Wing Blackbirds. While I lived in Florida, there were plentiful as were the Meadowlarks. I miss the sounds of those beautiful birds.

  7. We seem to have similar weather much of the time. It's blowing pretty hard here, too. That pair of rabbits that you photographed look big enough to be hares. Do you get both kinds there?

  8. Looks like you have a goose problem!

  9. I like all your bird photos. Have you considered calling the city and asking them to let the reeds and underbrush grow again for the birds? Those bunnies are very pretty, and I like robins, the first birds of spring where I grew up, in Wisconsin.

  10. Very interesting post. Your blog has very cool content <3

  11. I have never seen rabbits quite like those ones. They are very handsome!

  12. Love the bunnies, I like it when they sit there so I can get pictures.
    The male goose might be shooing the other one away if she is sitting on a nest nearby. Our males do that in the pond. They are very territorial.
    Enjoyed the pictures today.


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