Saturday, 4 April 2020

More of the same - Week 3

Sunday and Monday were sad days.  When I went out Saturday to pick up a few items, I found myself apprehensive about being around other people and that feeling carried over for a couple of days.  I think the stress of the continuing increase of Covid-19 cases and deaths, and the fear that it could impact someone I know and love is beginning to wear on me.  Add in not being able to physically see and hug my daughter and grandson is making it more difficult to tolerate.  Thankfully, I still have my son living with me and he gives great hugs.

My sister-in-law continued to display symptoms of the virus so was re-tested on Monday.  The results weren't available until Friday, so this added to my anxiety.  Thankfully she tested negative once again.  She's also started to feel better so that is a relief for all of us.   

On the home front, I did get the basement prepped for painting on Monday morning while my son was at work.  He returned after a couple of hours so I didn't do any more.  I think of the basement as his space (with shared laundry) and while I'm sure he doesn't mind me being there, it's easier to get things done when I've got the place to myself.  Tuesday morning he was away again, so I washed all the walls, sanded down areas where I'd filled nicks and dents, and began the process of cutting in before C arrived home.  As I was working I found more dents and nicks where C had moved furniture for me so those got filled.  I had planned to start painting in earnest Wednesday morning while C slept....that boy can sleep through anything...but I just wasn't in the mood. Thursday was a write off too.  Friday I was back at it, and got the cutting in done.  By the time I finished that, I was done for the day. I may or may not do more today. 

My son won't be going back to work until April 20th.  There are three staff who work in his area, so his bosses have decided to rotate the three coming into the office for the next few weeks.  He called into a conference call on Monday and the decision has been made the earliest all staff would be returning to work would be the end of April.  But, of course, that could and probably will be pushed back even further.

I've given up on my pillow project for the moment.  I'm not happy with the way it looks and I think it's likely the yarn I'm using.  Perhaps that's why someone had donated it to the thrift store.  In the meantime, I've made a pooping duck (not to be confused with a peeking duck, :p )  The bottom holds five or six candies. In this case I've filled them with Smarties Easter eggs.

I didn't have the proper material to make the eyes so simply stitched a couple. It looks evil!  So my daughter is mailing me some felt and I'll remove these and replace them with felt that I'll glue on.  I had made another two duck head and bodies but some cat had misplaced my orange yarn so I couldn't make the bills.  I picked up another skein at Walmart on Wednesday when I ran out to do an errand for my daughter.  I'd like to make another three white ones as well.  My daughter will use them instead of Easter eggs for Eli's hunt.

In addition, I've finished a few dishcloths. As another blogger has said these are always useful! I've been watching last years men's worlds curling and I like to have something to work on in my hands.  It keeps me from eating my way through this pandemic.   

Winter returned mid-week with temperatures falling to -20C (-4F) overnight with snow.  We didn't get much of the precipitation so as it warms up over the weekend I expect it will disappear.  Even so, with the exception of the front patio it will be a few weeks before I can get out and start cleaning up the yard.  In the meantime I'm enjoying watching the birds at the feeder. 

Based on the size of these birds, I'd say they are pretty healthy!

That pretty much wraps up the week.  I'm continuing to stay home as much as I can and I'm trying to keep busy and avoid watching the news despite being a news junkie.  One difference is I've made a point several times this week to call, text or e-mail a friend.  I'm far too good at waiting for others to reach out, it's about time I was the instigator.  

Take care everyone and stay well!


  1. Yes, now is a good time to reach out to people. Rotating people at your son's job is a good idea. One of our client is a 2 man company, one goes in at 5pm and ends at 2pm and the next guy comes in at 230 and stays till late(hes the owner). It works for them.

  2. What a great idea to rotate employees. I am glad you are getting good SON HUGS!
    Just remember, a huge and high percentage of people who contract C19 get well! Maybe that will ease you thoughts some.
    You sound busy with the painting. Good exercise and keeps the mind occupied!
    Have a good weekend.

    PS Love the 'pooping' duck!!!! LOL

  3. I'm glad your s-i-l tested negative! Huge relief for all.

    You're far more ambitious than I am, as always! I filled a few nicks, but never got around to sanding them. And I'm out of paint anyway.

    Your birds are good entertainment for not only you, but the cats. :-) I know the one on the right, with the dark upper body, is a junco. Are the other two types of sparrows?

    I had to look again at the pic of the pooping duck! I didn't notice the "poop" at first. Haha. Too cute!

    Hang in, we'll get through this. Life won't ever be the same, IMO, but we'll get through it. (I hope!) Dofo (Doug Ford) just had to release horrible modelling projections yesterday, which everyone seemed to be clamouring for. It only made me feel worse, feel hopeless, even though I work in a data analysis office and understand that numbers can be made to show anything and that a lot of the time are meaningless. (I'm not saying that's the case here.) I guess the PM will be next to release projections, because all the media seem to be demanding it, but I question whether it's necessary/appropriate. I see both sides to it, I guess.

    All this is just more reason to keep busy and to throw yourself into your hobbies, and your painting!

    Take care, stay well.

  4. Nice photos of your birds! Stay safe! Lots to worry about but it does no good:(

  5. I have felt hesitant some times when I have to go to the store for food or the pet store ( and out with my gloves etc). So far so good. I may take a walk. We are allowed to do that just the constant rain has kept me from that. I have a little care taking to do...that means some travel, not much, and etc.

    We will get through this. I refuse to read the un-necessary things that are conjecture and opinion. I never have been a news junkie but I will spare you as to why. :-) So...I don't listen to it.

    LOVE the duckies. You do such good work always. Eli is such a fortunate boy. Me, I never learned. No one to teach me.

  6. I'm glad you are staying well and being busy at home is always good.
    Eventually the basement will get painted, no rush, obvious. Glad you have your son for hugs, as Bill and I have each other. Bill is a great hugger too and I've learned from him.
    The birds are so fun to watch and yes, they look chubby. :)
    Love the little dug, I need to search for patterns like that. Free ones of course. Dish cloths are a great idea, but I have lots of woo yet don't have any cotton yarn to make them.

  7. Great news about your SIL. That had to be scary for a while. Snow and -5 Degrees F? Wow. You certainly are staying busy and glad you have a good hugger in house. Stay safe and well.

  8. That's good to read about your sister-in-law. Who knows when this covid-19 will end? I think things will improve for most of the world long before they do in the U.S. I am pleased to see our various governments co-operating; there may be hope for those politicians yet.

    And when is spring going to get here??

  9. It really has been quite cold this past week, and after the lovely weather we had previously.

    So great to read the good news about your sister-in-law.

    Love the pooping duck. So cute.

    God bless.

  10. Those birds are beautiful! Very nice photos. I am avoiding the news too, and it helps a lot. I hope that things look up soon.


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