Saturday, 25 April 2020

Week 6 - Light at the end of the tunnel?

Another week of near isolation is over and it appears there may be some loosening of restrictions here soon.  In Saskatchewan, we've had less than 350 cases and only 4 deaths (thank goodness) so our provincial government has decided to let things go back to semi-normal.  There is a five stage plan, but only stage 1 and 2 have actual dates assigned, the other three stages will be determined depending on well or how poorly the first two stages go.  The first stage will start on May 4 with the opening of medical services such as optometrists, occupational therapy, dentists and such. Boating and fishing will be allowed too, although only family members living in the same household will be permitted to do these activities together.  Assuming all goes well, by May 19 retail stores will allowed to re-open but again with significant restrictions.  We've been truly fortunate as none of our long term care homes have been affected though I am concerned that at least two of our indigenous communities have recently announced several cases.  Those communities could be hard hit if as this continues.

Based on Thursday's announcement, and a conversation my son had with his boss, I'm thinking he'll be back to work on May 19 as well or at least that's the expectation. I do believe management will bring most staff back slowly but C works in an area that provides general services to the other divisions so he's more likely to be needed.  While I'll be happy to have my time to myself, I do worry this might be a bit early. 

Another relaxation of the restrictions is that we can have contact with one other household.  I've made plans to drive out to visit D and Eli on Mother's Day, May 10.  We'll still maintain social distancing, so no hugs from her though we're pretty sure Eli won't follow the rules.  I'll wear my mask, as will D, we'll wash our hands frequently and I'll change out of my clothes when I get home.  I won't stay the night but will drive out early in the day and come home around dinner time.  Unless it's raining, I won't be surprised if we spend most of the day outdoors in her yard.  Eli loves the outside as he calls it, and there's lot of room for us to visit while he plays.

On a totally different note, and a happy one too, this week I received a parcel in the mail.  I follow Connie's blog at Far Side of FiftyEach spring she has a contest for her readers to guess when the snow will be gone from the snow stick in her yard.  I made a educated wild guess of April 2 and it turned out I, along with another reader, was right!  We each received a prize for the correct guess.  

Connie and her husband create hand carved wooden items, and I was hoping that the prize be one of those.  I was not disappointed at all, as the prize included a little fairy house, as well as two scrubbies and some lovely note cards.  All hand-made by Connie!  She's a prolific crocheter creating afghans, shawls, and baby blankets as well.  She's definitely an artist.

I did a bit of sewing and some crocheting and knitting as well this week.  When I went grocery shopping on Monday I used a scarf as a mask but decided after seeing several blogs mentioning hand made masks to give it try.  My first attempt ended up in the garbage.  I used elastic but found it wouldn't stay on my ears.  So I poked through my stash of sewing notions and found some bias tape to use as ties. Since then I've made another couple of masks, one for my daughter, and another to have as a spare. 

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so I've been spending my afternoons in the sun room.  I used some of that time to finish a UFO (unfinished object).  It's the infinity scarf I started ...let's just say months ago! Obviously I'm not wearing the appropriate top but you get the picture.  AND yes, I need a haircut in the worst way!  Thankfully I'm not the only one.
This was my view as I relaxed on the little love seat in the sun room.  

Friday, the clouds came scudding in, but it wasn't raining so I got into the front yard to do some clean up.  I swept up the patio and driveway of needles and pine cones from the spruce tree. I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned up the front flower of debris, clipping off the dead leaves and stems of the perennials, and put down fresh mulch.  I leave the perennials through the winter for the bugs.  There were dozens of dead lady bugs and a few live ones too.  The latter I moved under the mulch as best I could.  Once everything was cleaned up, I brought out the patio furniture - just a small table and two chairs.  Of course, I had to test it out and so sat and enjoyed the fresh air and the bird song around me.

Today was another lovely day, so I'm posting this in the evening.  About mid-morning I headed outdoors to clean out the large shed in the back yard in preparation of having it removed. My brother has the week of May 4th off and will be taking it apart and moving it out to the farm. My niece L has all sorts of plans for it, as it will become her "she-shed" and art studio.  I'm grateful that it won't be sent to the dump.  

This photo was taken back in June 2011, just about a year after we moved into the house.   I kept extra pots, the lawn mower, hoses, garden tools, and so forth in it.  Everything except the lawn mower has been moved to the little play house shed. I'm not sure what I'll do with the mower - I might just tarp it for the summer because it doesn't make sense to move it to the garage as there is no grass out front.  To put it in the play house would require lifting it onto the lower deck, and then lifting it into the playhouse.  More work than I want to do.

Once the shed is removed, I'll clean up that area and prepare it for new sod. But I've decided the rest of the work will wait until next spring since I will not be listing the house this year.  For this year, at least, I'll use the space for some container gardening.  

Finally, spring has arrived!  (Even if my neighbour has his Christmas lights turned on this evening.) I'm starting to make some plans on what I might plant in my containers, assuming the garden centers are open for business by the long May weekend.  As I was searching for a decent photo of the shed, I looked through photos of years past and gotten some ideas.  Soon, I'll be able to start digging in the dirt again.  That makes me happy!

Take care and stay well everyone!  Have a great week ahead.


  1. Hope you get to dig in the dirt soon. Garden centers are considered essential here, I think because so many people are turning at least portions of their lawns into food producing gardens.

  2. I hope all goes well with the slow re-opening. I know NB is doing it too, now; I think their plan is in 4 stages, though I didn't hear dates. I'm envious. We've been very lucky in this city to have only 59 cases so far (I haven't checked this morning), most of which have been resolved. Of course that's of tested people. I'm sure the virus is far more wide-spread than we realize, especially here in Ontario, given the slowness to ramp up testing. Doug Ford is supposed to talk about a plan this coming week...Just give us a date for phase 1. Throw us a bone; I expect many of us are starting to feel a little desperate. I know I am!

    Congratulations on winning that fabulous carving! Wow, that's terrific! :-)

    I like your mask (and the infinity scarf). I still have 4 Etsy orders for masks sitting in some Canada Post warehouse, but I've received several that I can wear now, so that's good. They sure make my face hot. LOL.

    Good luck with the shed removal. I hope it goes easily!

    Take care; have a great week.

  3. Good for you, winning such nifty handmade prizes! Are you saying that apr. 2nd was your last snowfall or just the last that made it to a certain point on the stick? Lucky gal!
    Nice infinity scarf and my mask is much simpler and I haven't even worn it. I guess I'm not feeling the need. I do carry it in my purse and washed it yesterday.
    That looks like a nice shed but if you have no need for it, may as well have dirt! :D

  4. Pretty scarf and good job on the masks. Congrats on winning a prize. We still keep going back and forth with chilly and warm weather. You just never know day to day.
    We are still on restrictions here - there is muttering things could change soon - but no final word.
    Stay safe and have a great week.

  5. Congrats on your great guess and the really cute prize. Had to smile about needing a hair cut. One reason I am in favor of mask wearing. No one recognizes me and we all pretty much look the same. Will be interesting to see how the relaxation of restrictions goes. Hope they move slowly and carefully.

  6. Congratulations on winning the prize from Far Side of Fifty. Once your shed is gone your yard will look a lot bigger. All our snow is finally gone, just a little bit of ice in a corner in the back yard. I'll be really shocked if we don't get more snow though. Your covid19 numbers have stayed quite low, it will be wonderful for you to go and visit your daughter and grandson. Sadly here in the Calgary zone our numbers are much higher, 2964 cases and 46 deaths, many from High River and Brooks meat processing plants. I don't think any rules will be relaxed around here for a while. Who would have thought The Calgary Stampede would ever be cancelled! We've been going for walks everyday, watching the deer (see my blog) and going for groceries when necessary. As we are retired not too much has changed other than not seeing friends and family and DH not being able to golf!! Take care.

  7. I am so happy for you - a little more freedom! I've found tomatoes and cucumbers do so well in container pots, just a thought. At least by knowing you are staying for another year you don't have to fuss or worry about all that would entail relisting right now. Lovely scarf - and the mask looks good! I saw more masks yesterday out and about than I have since this started, a really good sign and so much easier to get hubby to wear his when he sees others doing it (is it a man thing? ). Our garden centres are now full of lovely flowers - we went yesterday to the one owned by the company that did our patio. It was so nice to wander around like normal looking at flowers. They didn't have many annuals as a lot of those go super fast but I was able to buy some lobelia and also a really nice glass hummingbird feeder for Mom for Mothers day as she smashed hers accidentally in early March just as things started to shut down so is making due with a plastic one. Really glad your shed is being reused. What will you do with the ground under it? Raised garden bed maybe? Or you likely already have plans for it.

  8. So glad you liked all the creations! You have been busy! Sounds like perhaps the virus is flattening out for your area! :)

  9. Canada's governments seem to be going about things with a decent amount of wisdom. I think they have to take into account the fact that people will start to make their own rules if there aren't relaxations soon, unfortunately, so they probably realise that it's better to guide the easing of restrictions with some order and sense. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the way things have been handled. Mistakes were made but these will happen in unprecedented situations, and it's not been like some countries.

    The sky from your sun-room looks like a spring sky, another good sign.

  10. I'm thankful for my stash of quilting cotton. I've been sewing masks for myself and my sister.

  11. Every time I visit you- I enjoy what you have done and are doing. Your plans for projects to come are enjoyable too. I like to keep busy as well, and while I have a few physical knees and back that prevent me duck-walking around my large flowerbed any more preparing for flowers, I enjoy what I can get done. I love your infinity scarf! You are such a creative knitter and crocheter! I never learned -as the one time I tried, it was a little class that was put together at a local school after hours, and experienced knitters etc. showed up anyway instead of many learners like me, and the leader of the class spent all her time circulating with them except a moment with me. I couldn't learn in a couple of Anyway, enjoy Eli and your family. :-)


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