Friday, 16 October 2020

Plodding along

I'm almost back to normal after this cold, but of course, now my son is feeling under the weather. By mid-week he was experiencing significant pain on the side of his face when he sat for more than an hour or lay down.  As a result he wasn't getting much sleep.  He was able to arrange an appointment on Thursday afternoon to see a doctor.  After a cursory examination the doctor suggested he has an infection but not an ear infection and he was given antibiotics.  He did get some sleep that night and was feeling some better on Friday morning, not well enough to go to work though.  He has next week off, so will have the time to recover.

C had slept through Thanksgiving dinner on Monday and through the entire night.  He's not a big fan of leftovers so I ate pork roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy for a few meals.  But even I couldn't finish the entire roast so I've frozen it and plan to repurpose it into a casserole or something for later. Any ideas?

I spent much of Thanksgiving Day indulging in things that I enjoy. Live curling events were available on both Youtube and Facebook, so I watched four games in total.  There would have been at least one more had the Alberta team (Koe) won their quarter final game as they are providing the live stream of all of their games.  The other three games were out of Ontario, semi-finals and finals for the men's teams and the women's final. Neither of the teams I had anticipated would win did...shows you how much I know.  The Ontario rules required the players to wear masks on ice.  If you're not familiar with the game, a player throws a rock, another player (or two) sweeps that rock while the skip calls out directions.  It is a physically demanding game, even if my description doesn't do it justice...maybe google it if you're interested.  The announcer mentioned that the players are getting accustomed to it, and one suggestion was to have one or more extra masks available.  Apparently it is the moisture that accumulates that makes it feel like it is difficult to breath at times.  Good tip for anyone who has to wear one for an extended period of time.  

While watching the curling and later in the evening, I continued knitting Eli's toque and did a bit of cross-stitching.  I actually frogged back the toque one more time (on Saturday) and I'm finally happy with the way it is working out.  I'm sure I'll have it ready to wear by the time I head out there this weekend.  I'm planning to take his sweater with me too, it still needs to be sewn together, a collar and buttons added but that will give me a project to work on while I'm there.

Tuesday finally brought back a more normal level of energy.  I stripped the bed, gathered up the towels from the bathrooms, grabbed the laundry basket and four loads later I had everything washed, dried and put away.  While the machines were doing their work, I set to tidying up the house.  When I'm not feeling well, a lot of stuff tends to get set down and not put in their proper place.  Just clearing off the surfaces and giving them a wipe down makes such a difference!

I had time between loads to get out for a walk.  It was a cool morning, just 6C (43F) with a cool breeze.  I fought the wind on my way out and when I turned to come home it felt good to have it at my back.  There were no ducks remaining at the creek, no cormorants at the pond, but still lots of geese.  I stopped at one point to suggest they might want to start heading south because there is cold weather coming this week, with precipitation that might turn into that dreaded four letter word.  They didn't listen.

My energy level continued through Wednesday; I got the entire house vacuumed and went for a walk.  It was quite cold, 2C (36F) but with the windchill feeling more like -4C (25F).  I came home rosy cheeked but had bundled up with a toque, gloves and a warm jacket. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

Thursday morning, I baked some buns and made chili for dinner. I'm a wimp and it was far too cold to go walking early in the day. It hadn't warmed up much in the afternoon either, so I did my walk in the basement while listening to a podcast.  You won't be seeing any photos because there is nothing interesting down there. :) The cold weather is definitely here!  I just hope it doesn't stay, and we get a few more days of warmer weather.  I noticed, even at nearly 11 a.m. the frost on the neighbour's roof hadn't yet burned off.  Later in the day I even saw a few of the white flakes floating through the air out the front window.  I'm so not ready for that!

I'm planning to head out to visit Eli and D tomorrow for a couple of days, so will wrap this post up today.  We had a heavy frost last night, temperatures dropped to -10C (14F).  I went out to feed the birds after breakfast - there wasn't a speck of seeds left in the feeder.   A little later I drove over to Kal Tire to have my tires re-torqued, stopped to get gas at Co-op and then picked up a few groceries at Safeway.  That's my "outing" for the week!  

Just one photo this week. D sent the picture to me yesterday.  Eli's first pre-K craft!  I particularly love the placement of the one eye. :)

Have a great weekend everyone, take care and stay well.


  1. Pulled pork with BBQ sauce is always good. Serve as sandwiches. Pork with potatoes and carrots. Add to beans.
    Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. Glad you are feeling better.
    We had frost this AM and it got to 36*F. We have a few more cool days and then warmer again for a while.
    Have a great visit.

  2. Glad you feel better. It is cooler here but nothing like your coolness.
    The only time we ever see curling is during the Winter Olympics.I actually like to watch it even though I have no idea about the rules.

  3. So glad you are feeling better. Nothing like a nasty cold to do us in.You really are getting cold up there. It is still window open weather here--for today anyway. Like Anne, I have seen curling during the Olympics but have no idea what the rules are.

  4. I always freeze leftover meat to use in casseroles later. Pork Supreme is good (google for the recipe) or I thinly slice it and using lots of veggies make a stir fry and serve over rice.

    It is very cool out when I take my morning walks now. I will be pulling out my mittens to use tomorrow. Especially if we get the snow that is forecasted.

    God bless.

  5. Have a good visit! :) Glad you feel better!

  6. We had our first snowfall of the season last night. I still bicycle in snowy weather, but the temperature was high enough to make ice everywhere, so I will be staying indoors today. That's a good excuse for it, anyway.

    I imagine wearing a mask in cooler temperatures leads to condensation, whcih would accumulate inside the mask. Otherwise, I haven't had a problem wearing a mask for a long period. It's still uncomfortable, but if that's the worst I experience from covd-19, I'll consider myself very lucky.

  7. You sure did refind your energy!!!! I am tired just hearing about all that you did!

  8. I enjoyed this as I was going similar long about the time you were. And I'll be doing it again tomorrow. Oh, I decided to finally break down...take everything out of the cutlery drawer...wash the holder of same...wash and reline the large kitchen drawer itself...throw out utensils I have that were bought for a purpose and never used in all the years they lay there buried in one another's shadows. Much nicer in there now. Took a surprising amount of time. I was going to do the huge junk drawer too but though it is organized now and everything in pouches...see thru...I just dod;t want to spend more time in there relining and washing stuff.

  9. Cute craft from Eli. Those early years ones are the best!


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