Saturday, 31 October 2020

Happy Halloween!

Okay, what happened to October? Can you believe it is Halloween already? I was looking back at my posts and thinking this month has literally flown by like some witch on a broom.  I suspect a lot of that is due to our household feeling ill for a portion of itbut even so it seems to have almost passed me by.

Speaking of health issues, I have an update on C's problems. He was able to get into the dentist's office on the 26th.  She did a full set of x-rays and determined he has/had a jaw infection. There was still a bit of infection left below one of his molars.  After some discussion he has decided to have a root canal and is booked for the procedure on November 5.  She explained the reason for the severe pain was the nerve is now dead so she expects he won't feel much when she does the work.  

This week has been pretty humdrum.  It's been cold in the mornings, so I didn't feel like going outside to walk.  I did manage to get steps in by walking in the house - I've got a circuit figured out on the main floor that takes me on a loop down and back up the stairs.  Two laps is a minute so 60 laps gives me the 30 minutes of activity I want to reach.  

But Wednesday, when the temperature was sitting around the freezing mark I decided I was being a wimp and headed out for my regular walk.  I quickly realized that the streets were a bit dicey where the rain on Tuesday had frozen overnight.  The pathways were better but even so, I did the slip and slide (no falling) more than few times before I decided to stick to the grass as much as possible.  I walked along the creek, and sure as heck, didn't I put my foot in a gopher hole and fall flat on my face.  It knocked my toque off my head and initially I thought no other damage was done.  Nothing serious, but when I fell I put my hands out to break my fall.  My hands slid on the ground - good thing, but I jarred my arms and the upper arm muscles were quite sore later in the day and into the next. That pretty much firmed up my decision to walk indoors instead.  

There were still a few ducks on the creek, as well as this group feeding in the back of this house.  I've seen them there before and assume that the people are putting out feed for the birds.

As I came around the corner to the pond, I noticed this sign.  Actually there were several of them at either end.  I have to wonder at people who would want to test the theory.

Rebel alert!  This was the only bird I saw on the pond at all.  There were a few birds flying over - perhaps they are more obedient. :)

Housework took up a fair amount of time too, as well as finishing Eli's mitts and starting a sweater shrug for L.  I decided the poncho dress pattern, while cute, would need to be modified too much.  I wanted something a little more simple, but still cute.  I also did a bit on my cross stitch Christmas bow.  I did my weekly shop on Thursday and I may have stopped at the dollar store for a few more craft items.  Between the craft items and the yarn, I've got enough projects to keep me busy for months, maybe even a year or more. 

I did order the last of my Christmas gifts for my son.  He enjoys spending time at his computer, not only playing on-line games but he uses it to watch programs and documentaries.  I found a gaming chair on sale and had it delivered directly to the house.  It's "hidden" in my craft room because I know he never goes in that room.  With the exception of the shrug for my niece, a couple of gift cards for my niece and nephew, and some baking for friends, I'm finished!  This is definitely the earliest I've ever been this far ahead.  

My goal is to go out of the house no more than once every week to 10 days.  We are definitely seeing an uptick in Covid cases here.  While the numbers are low compared to other areas of Canada, since I don't really need to go out, I'm going to stay close to home.  Our local news outlets have been reporting on various potential exposures at local businesses, and thus far I've not been at any of them on those dates and times.  I'll still go visit D and Eli every 4-6 weeks; their small community hasn't had a case (yet), and she is also sticking close to home. The closest larger community, about 20 minutes away, had several cases so she's avoiding it as much as possible. My son's area of work has limited contact with other people.  

D and Eli will be here tomorrow. She is seeing a doctor on Monday for a first visit so needs to see him in person.  We'll celebrate C's birthday a week late on Sunday and I'll order in combo meal from a local pizza restaurant.  Eli was quite concerned that C didn't have a birthday cake when he talked to him last weekend so depending on when they arrive, I'll bake a small cake with or without his mix-a, mixing.  He'll definitely help with the decorating - I know I have some sprinkles in the cupboard. Just what every 33 year old male wants on his birthday cake, right?  :)

Today, I'm finishing up a bit of housework, clean sheets for the bed, cleaning the bathrooms, and watching some curling.  The weather isn't nice, we had a wind advisory overnight into the morning, and though it has calmed down it's cool and cloudy.  Good day to just hang out, working on some stitching project and watching the live streams.  This evening I expect we'll have a few little ghosts and goblins visit. I've got the goodies out in the garage and bought a pair of blood spattered gloves (fake, obviously) to wear when I hand it out.  The cats are going to hate it with the doorbell going off. I do watch but the kids are faster than I am.  

Take care everyone, stay well and safe.  Have a good week ahead!


  1. So glad C finally got an answer and I hope the root canal fixes him. That is sweet that Eli was concerned that C didn't get a cake. Hey, sprinkles are always welcome.
    Stay safe and maybe walk indoors from now on.

  2. Hope your son gets all fixed up this week. Glad your fall wasn't worse - that is scary.
    Glad you are going to be staying home more - as am I.
    Have a great week!

  3. This would have been mu day tp do all the big housework but Katie's human brother os here so I didn't. He's nbeen napping a lot day and afternoon due to the tiredness effect of some med he is taking. Katie has a good appetite I hate to say! My gosh, if her blood values hadn't been so good, I'd be worried about diabetes or something.
    Only have a few things for the kids for Christmas. Usually I am much better off Things have tightened up on me time wise so haven't done as much. Hope your boy gets ALL fixed up and totally out of pain or even the possibility of it.
    Stay well yourself.

  4. I am glad that your son got his answer and is set up for his next appointment so quickly.

    Staying home here as well as much as possible and watching the uptick in cases here in the southeast. Man, they are really mounting up. Like you I watch the SHA for updates on possible places of exposure and am so glad that so far I have not been in a building during the times a Covid positive person has been in. In fact the only store on the list I go to is the Co-op and it is always early morning when I do go.

    Stay safe.

    God bless.

  5. Good to hear that C has some answers at least. Hope all goes well.
    Sorry about the gopher hole, walking can be tricky and I always have one eye on the ground where I'm stepping and one behind a camera! haha
    Good for you at least getting out once in a while. I can't stay inside for days on end so it helps that I have a job forcing me to move. :)

  6. So glad you're okay after your fall, it could so easily have been a broken wrist or ankle. Hope C gets the needed relief from the root canal. Our case numbers are going up, mainly as a result of people haveing gatherings at Thanksgiving. If people don't smarten up we will have a very quiet Christmas with no visitors. Our weather is supposed to take a big nose dive next weekend. Snow and -13C, yuck!!


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