Saturday 21 November 2020

Brightening up the mundane

 My dad had a saying, "another day, another dollar".  There may not be another dollar at the end of the day (just my pension once a month), I can attest to another day, day after day.  All this to say that the days move from one to another, and though I always have something to do, they often seem to fade into one another.  I do keep notes on a calendar in an effort to recall what's happened, but more often than not I need to check my FitBit to know what day of the week it is.  Small problems to have, I know.

A little housework, some television watching, checking social media, chatting with my daughter, my brother, or a friend or two on the phone, some knitting or crocheting, or crafting and the days are filled.  This week I added in some decorating for Christmas - just to change things up.

I haven't been walking as much, not even indoors.  But Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day (6C/43F) so I put on my winter boots, a coat and gloves and scarf just in case.  The wind was a bit cool but oh, it felt so nice to be out in the fresh air.

I was surprised and pleased to see the walking paths had been cleared.  I'll be honest, I've never walked there in the winter and now I know it's an option for warmer day.  While I was walking back from the bridge (it's to left and not visible on this photo), I walked down to the creek.  I was really surprised to see two ducks feeding in a bit of open water.  Hopefully they head south soon; it's only going to get colder.

The path wasn't as clear by the pond especially in the shade.  I noted the water level is even lower now and there were open places where one can see the gravel or dirt.  No geese or ducks were seen.

Here's my street, not nearly as pretty.  I live about six houses down on the right side. We never see a plow on our street all winter, so we have to rely on those with trucks and SUV's to pack it down.  This year with the number of delivery vehicles, it'll be packed down even more.  

My son laughed at me when I told I was putting up the Christmas tree.  But as I said to him, I would prefer to spend the next six weeks looking at pretty sparkling things than the snow outside.  The snow may look pretty when the sun is shining or even when it is falling, but not so much when the day is gray and overcast.

Last year I got rid of the big tree I had, and opted for this little pre-lit four foot tree.  It sits on top of a small table, is much easier for me to manage to carry upstairs and uses fewer decorations.  This is the first year I've added ribbon to the tree and I really like the look.  Not sure if you can see but on the bottom left is a bell.  I hang the bell on the lowest branch of the tree because it lets me know if a certain cat (Saku) has decided to nap there.  Not yet this year!

This display sits on top of my china cabinet, sort of out of the reach of little fingers.  However, I know that Eli can get the stool from the kitchen and get what he wants if he chooses to do so.  The little wire trees I picked up at the dollar store, and wound the battery operated fairy lights (also a dollar store purchase).  It's a simple thing folks, but it pleases me to have the extra sparkle.  There are two cat figurines that are always part of the display, I added the scarves and a toque that I knitted a few years ago to add a festive touch.

This is a wreath I've made for my daughter this week.  I bought most of the pieces at the dollar store, including the Peace that was part of an ornament, while the little red and white ornaments were picked up at 50% off at Michaels. All told I probably spent less than $15 for the materials. It took me a day or so to figure how to put the garland onto the frame - I'm a little slow on the uptake - but once it was in the place the rest of it went to together quickly.  

I've dressed up the kitchen table with a table cloth and runner and then covered most of that up with my placemats.  What can I say, I'm lazy and don't want to have to wash the linens every week.  Do you remember the spoons that D and I painted a month or so ago?  I attached to some ribbon and hung them above the sink. It's a lousy picture but you get the idea.  I thought it was appropriate to hang them in the kitchen.  

Besides the decorating I've been working on Eli's sweater and my cross stitching. I've just got to sew the seams and finish the neck ribbing and it will be ready to take to him in early December.  The cross stitching is going a little more slowly; the last motif has a plaid scarf which needs color changes every few stitches it seems.  But I will persevere and finish it before Christmas.  There is a little knitted snowman started as well - this is something I can do in the evening while watching television that doesn't require a lot of thought. I seem to be obsessed with snowmen this year!

I did an on-line for groceries this week from Walmart.  It all went well, with the exception that everything came in separate bags!  I use the bags for cat litter disposal so I'll use them but I was certainly surprised by the volume.  The one thing they didn't have and should be available this upcoming week is birdseed.  As a result I ended up shopping at Canadian Tire, where I found birdseed and a few other things. Eli has been a little hard on the Christmas decorations this year and I found a container of shatterproof ornaments on sale.  I sent a photo to D, she readily agreed so I picked them up for her.  On the way to the checkout I noticed they had sheets on sale too and since I know D was looking for sheets for my Christmas gift, I sent her another picture and with her approval, picked them up. Yes, I know it won't be a surprise but it's what I really wanted.  

On Friday, I went out to Value Village and the Salvation Army thrift stores.  Since I had no luck finding the materials for my table centerpiece elsewhere I thought I'd see what they had.  I got lucky at V.V. picking up stems and greens for $4.  With the materials I have at home I should be set.  At Sally Ann I found some Christmas ribbon and a oven safe bowl.  Not sure what happened to the one I had - I may have donated it at some point.

Today I woke up to our coldest temperature yet, 17C/1F.  Brrr! I bundled up well to feed the birds and they started feeding almost as soon as I left the back yard.  It's a good day to stay indoors.  At the moment the 2018 Grey Cup is being replayed (this would have been Grey Cup weekend), there are NCIS re-runs to watch, the sweater to finish, and the chicken for tonight's dinner is marinating in the fridge.  All is good in my world.

Take care everyone, stay well and have a great week!



  1. Your decorations are lovely. I just love the tree. SO bright and shiny. Very cheerful.
    I am sure glad it isn't that cold and icky here. Pretty to look at, but I wouldn't miss it if it never snowed.
    Have a great and warm weekend

  2. Your decorations are really nice and brighten up even the coldest day. Impressed that Saku basically leaves the tree and decorations alone. My cat brought my first tree to the floor with a crash. That sadly was my last tree also. Well done on your Peace wreath.
    Your streets look slippery,hope they aren't for your sake.

  3. Some days really do blend together. For me, the only ones that count are the weekends, and they are over fast, with all my time spent doing what I didn't have time for on the weekdays because of work...

    I used to decorate my tree with ornaments - I have some quite old glass balls, very fragile, and the cats broke only one or two. But I have too many cats coming and going these days. I don't want to think how the kittens will react... But when Tungsten was alive, I used to hang small metal bells on the lower branches. Like you and Saku, they let me know if Tungsten was near the tree. But she started ringing them on purpose: she would lie under the tree, then take off like a shot, deliberately hitting a bell on the way. What a cat.

  4. I think you are spot on about looking at pretty shiny things instead of the snow (something I only have to look at every ten or so years).
    I am going to blow out Christmas this year because everyone needs something cheerful more so than ever.

  5. The ribbon looks lovely on your tree. Decorating has begun here as well, I am sure that keeping things as normal as possible in these abnormal times will help keep us all sane.

    God bless.

  6. You are decorating early! What ever makes a person happy! We all need some cheer in our lives. :) Stay safe

  7. I, too, love your decorations. They lend cheer to the gloomy days.

    I downsized my trees over the years, 6 feet to 4 feet and now for the past few years a 2 foot tabletop tree. Easy and still pretty, IMO.

    As for the days blending into one another, I think it's the same for most of us, whether retired or still working. Certainly everyone in my circle seems to feel the same way!

    Oh, and I say another day, another dollar all the time. Except I've modified that to be another day, another 50 cents. After taxes, of course! 😁

    Take care and stay well.

  8. I like that the blog is brimming with life and fun and busy-ness. :-) Made my evening so nice reading it.


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