Saturday 14 November 2020

Nothing to see here

I've nothing exciting to share and quite frankly, I'm okay with that.  These days routine is good. It was a week of a bit of this, some of that, and enough curling to end the week to keep me a very happy woman.  

This was my son's week to work as well, though of course, he had Wednesday off for Remembrance Day.  As I usually do, I watched the ceremony held in Ottawa.  In 2007, I actually attended the Remembrance Day ceremony with a friend and former co-worker who lived in the city. Since I've very few photos from this week, I'll share a couple from that visit. 

In comparison to this year's ceremony there was a huge crowd. I recall we parked about a half mile from the Cenotaph and walked to Parliament Hill.  As we are both vertically challenged we stood up on the hill to see what was happening.

I remember being annoyed during the two minutes of silence, as there were people still talking! 
My favorite part of the event was the march by the various forces including the RCMP, military and most touching were the veterans.
I'm glad I got to experience it once in my lifetime - it truly was a special day!

There was a ceremony at our city's Cenotaph as well that was live streamed on local television, but I forgot about it until it was nearly. My brother R watched with his family - they normally would attend - and said that the vocalist who was to sing "God Save the Queen" forgot the words and had to start over three times before he got it right.  Oops, I'm sure he felt horrible.

On Monday, I bundled up and walked over to the nearby school to vote in our municipal election.  It was -19C (-2F) but not overly windy.  I was grateful for my face mask!  I voted for mayor, ward councillor, and area school board trustee.  For the first time ever, all of the three candidates I voted for were successful in their run for office.  We have a new mayor and half of the council are new as several incumbents lost their seats.  It definitely appears that our city is ready for a change from the current same old, same old.

I did my shopping on Tuesday, picking up some groceries as well as cat food and cat litter.  In addition, I found some really cute Christmas items at Walmart. I picked up these two placemats that I turned into pillows for the couch.  Using a stitch ripper, I opened up about a 5-6 inch opening on one end and stuffed them with fiber-fill, and finished the ends by top stitching them closed.  Easy peasy, and I paid $2.50 for each place mat, and used fiber-fill I had on hand. 
I also, finally, finished the sweater shrug for my niece.  As I was working on last weekend, I realized I'd missed a stitch way back near the beginning.  I ripped it back and started almost from scratch.  I'm happy with the way it turned out and I'm hopeful she will like it too. 
Basically, it is simply a large rectangle, the ends are folded in and seamed for about 5 1/2 inches.  I'm not sure she'll know what it is, because when it's folded it is simply a square.  So I'll print this photo and  put it in with the gift. I've tried it on, and oh is it cozy and warm!

Speaking of finishes, I had completed Eli's sweater, including the hood but when I put it together I was so disappointed with how it looked, I took it apart and started again.  After a chat with D, I convinced her a pullover would work as well as a cardigan or hoodie.  I've got the back nearly finished and expect I'll have the sweater finished early next week.

On Thursday I made a run out to Costco to pick up a Christmas present for D (for Eli).  I almost turned around and went home, as it was a zoo in there.  But everyone was wearing masks, and I was generally able to keep my distance.  I did sigh with relief when I returned to my car.  Since I was out, I did stop at Michaels on the way home as they had florals on sale. I want to make a centerpiece for my table and needed a few more pieces.  I could not find any greens that were a decent price, so I'll probably raid my evergreen later in December for fresh greens. If it turns out as I hope, I'll share a photo.

The curling started Thursday evening, and continues through the weekend.  In addition to Facebook and Youtube, CBC is also live streaming some of the curling.  There are two men's events, one in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the second in Penticton, BC.  The timing was almost perfect with a game ending in Halifax, just in time for me to catch the next in Penticton.  There was also a women's event in Okotoks, Alberta but after one draw, the event was called off.  The province announced new restriction requiring the event to end.  

Cases of the virus are increasing by leaps and bounds in many provinces across Canada. Even here in Saskatchewan, we have almost 1500 active cases in the province, and nearly 300 in the city I live in.  Those numbers are low in comparison to many other provinces but still too high for my liking.  I'm glad I've got my gift purchases nearly complete, just two gift cards needed, as I plan to stick close to home as much as possible.  I think I'll try curbside pick up again, until the numbers start coming down again.  Sadly there have been a couple of long term care homes in the province who have announced outbreaks and I fear there will be several families who will without loved ones this year during the holiday season.  On a positive note, there seems to be very good potential we'll see an effective vaccine or vaccines in the first quarter of 2021, and I've read that our federal government has ordered ten doses for every Canadian.  I assume this is to ensure an adequate supply since some might be ready before others, plus to allow for a second booster if it is needed. Better to be prepared.

Today I've been puttering around in between curling games. I finished another craft project, worked on Eli's sweater, fed the birds and cats, and chatted with my daughter.  It's simply more of the same.  I'll take it.

Take care everyone, stay well and have a good week!


  1. Our events for Veteran's Day here this week were virtual - none in person. I would love to be your niece - that is so pretty and comfy looking. Your pillows are just charming.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love those pillows. I would always think of my dear father when the vets walked past. I'm thankful he didn't live to see what chaos we are living in now.

  3. I did my period of silence standing head bowed on my front step. I do so wish others in my city had done the same.

    Scary how our numbers are rising so quickly. I am really glad that Moe decided to do a mask mandate through most of the province. If everyone wears one I am sure our numbers will decrease.

    Love the pillows, what a great idea. The shrug is gorgeous as well.

    God bless.

  4. That was so very clever how you turned place mats into pillows. Kudos. It is a shame the remembrances this year had to be so reduced. 2007 was such a lovely time when all was what we expected it to be. I had to do mine this year by watching shows on TV.

  5. Isn't routine wonderful at this point in the insane year of 2020? I agree with you on that!

  6. Those pillows are so cheerful! Stay safe out there!

  7. I LOVE the pillows and actually even I could do that! So glad you said how. And boy do you have patience. To be able to just rip it up and start again is beyond my imagination. I'd throw it up in the air probably. I have seeming patience but insider I am busting to get on with whatever it is, not re-do. But I would re-do. Not happily. I remember and may have already said here once, that when I first got a sewing machine, I tried to make myself a blouse. I persistently cut left sides instead of one of each. After the third time of that lame brained mistake, I DID quit.

  8. Remembrance Day is not a holiday for most of us in Ontario, though it is a municipal one. I tuned in while working via CBC Radio.

    I really like that sweater/shrug and also your pillow idea! I'd never have thought of that; even I could do it. LOL.

    I don't have much in the way of holiday shopping to do, just a couple of gift cards for Mom's birthday and Christmas gifts. She'll be 80 next month and thank goodness she's in the Atlantic bubble. Wouldn't we all like to be there right now. Anyway, I wanted to get that done, and get individual cards for family/close friends to mail out, in case we get locked down again. Kingston is okay so far, but cases here are on the rise too, we had 10 new ones on Friday, which is the most in one day since June. Active cases were at 26 as of last Friday. Most of those are travel and contact-related. Things are NOT going well in Ontario, or in many other parts of the country. I try to keep in mind that Ontario has a population of about 14.7M, and try to think in terms of percent infection, but still....I've been wearing two masks when I go out now, the non-surgical one and a cloth one over it. I have a few cloth ones that work well doing that, they're sturdy 2-layer cotton. I have other masks that are just too thick; I'd suffocate if I wore a second mask under them.

    Anyway, we shall get through this, we just have to hang in and do our part. I actually look forward to when my routine can include commuting to the actual office again, not just walking up the creaky stairs to the spare room. LOL.

    Take care; stay safe and be well.

  9. I agree about the 2 minutes silence. Some people just don't get it and don't respect. LOL
    Love the placemats, you have great ideas!
    I've copied the picture of the shrug as I'm always looking for easy and quick projects. Hope you don't mind! thank you!

  10. How could anyone forget the words to 'God Save the Queen'? It's a stirring song and I like it, but really, it has as many lyrics as the average 1970s disco song...

    It'd be great if the government is planning on having so many extra doses for people. I suspect they are being safe and ordering as many as they can, expecting to get maybve a third as much. Our governments have actually been working to fight covid-19, which is good to see.

    (I didn't much care for the 'duality' flag that was flown a cenotaph. I like our real red-and-white flag.)


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