Saturday 28 November 2020

Countdown - 27

I'm going to be one of "those" annoying people who will remind you each time I post how many more days there are until Christmas.  It's in my title!  I'm a bit of Christmas geek if you couldn't tell.

When I left off last week I'd mentioned I was working on a little snowman while watching television.  I finished that on Sunday, finished Eli's sweater on Monday, and worked on a pair of slippers for D and my cross-stitching for the rest of the week.  (I'm trying to insert these photos without a lot of white space, Blogger isn't being helpful 
at all!

I was quite annoyed when I pulled the pattern I used the last time I made her slippers because the pattern was no longer free.  I know that the creators deserve to earn from their designs, but it meant I had to look for another free pattern because the price of the first was more than I was willing to pay. These are called Cloud 9, because they're made from chunky blanket wool, and are incredibly soft.  I did modify the pattern to add a second sole.  D is hard on slippers, and wears through them quickly. I made the last pair in May of this year - hopefully this pair will last as long.

I did my grocery order through Walmart this week and while I'd prefer to use our local Co-op or Safeway they don't offer curbside pick-up.  One substitution was made, which I agreed to, and although I'd indicated I'd bring my own bags, everything came out in Walmart bags again.  Since this was a larger order, I've got more than enough for whatever purpose I can find. Perhaps I'll have to learn out to make a rug out of them!

After Walmart I stopped at Michaels (across the parking lot).  They started their Black Friday deals early, so I was able to pick up a number of items at 50-60% off.  In addition to ribbon, a ball of yarn, scrapbook paper, and some glue, I found a frame with a mat for a photo I took this fall and had printed a few weeks ago.  It's now hanging above my couch, and I love it even more (if that's possible).  

On the way home I stopped at Co-op to get meat as it's better quality than Walmart and though a little more pricey, it's worth it.  I must say, the best part of shopping on-line is that I don't wander the aisles and impulse shop.  Thursday I ran out to Pet Valu for cat litter - it was senior's day so it gives me a 10% discount, and I ended up picking up more bird seed there as well.  There was a bit of sticker shock with the latter, but with the discount it was a little better.  

Also on Thursday, I tackled another Christmas craft.  I had picked up a small sled at Value Village last week. This is it before I began working on it.  It's cute, but definitely not what I wanted.  

I removed the twine hanger, sanded it down a bit to get rid of any residue and then painted most of it with my gray chalk paint.  After that had dried I measured and cut a piece of scrap book paper to fit on the sled seat and the curved area above.  

With Modge-Podge (a glue) I added the paper, allowed that to dry, and then added another coat of the Modge-Podge on top to seal the paper.  Again, I allowed that to dry before adding the little berry garland to the edge of the base.  Finally, I replaced the twine and this piece now hangs in my main bathroom. I've decorated with blue, white, and red in there (towels, candles, a stuffed snowman, and a festive shower curtain with kittens in Santa hats).  This piece fits right in! 

Friday morning, I was up at 5 a.m., no particular reason why, just wide awake and ready to go.  C left for work about 6:30 and after a bit of blog reading, a chat with D, and an episode of NCIS New Orleans, I got busy.  I pulled out all the Christmas presents in the house (including one from D to Eli) and got almost everything wrapped. I haven't yet picked up the gift cards for my niece and nephew - I'll likely pick those up next week and finish wrapping then.  I also need to finish weaving in the ends of the yarn on my daughter's blanket.  I'll do that in the next few days while I'm watching television.  I have a storage room in the basement off the laundry room that Eli has never been in, so all the gifts have been hidden there. I'm not expecting he and D to visit before Christmas, but just in case they need to make a trip to the city for any reason, he won't likely find them.

I even got a start on the Christmas baking this week.  It helps I'm making less and fewer amounts.  First up is a cranberry lemon bar (with coconut). I always cut the edges of the pan before cutting into squares, so I know that it tastes delicious!  I also made 2 dozen sugar cookies to decorate.  I'll probably send these to work with C on the 24th to share with his co-workers, decorated of course.  I've stored these in the sun room because there is no room in the fridge freezer and wouldn't you know it, the temperatures are just above freezing for a few days!  The ambient temp in there is just on the cool side, but the floor is still cold, so I've tucked the goodies in a dark corner on the floor. I know they'll freeze again overnight.

Today has been a write-off.  I had some tummy issues last night, something I ate disagreed with me, so it was late before I was able to get to sleep and I was up several times in the night.  The cats woke me around 6:30 so I got up and fed them, before going back to bed.  D woke me at 7:30 when she called, we chatted for a bit, I went out and fed the birds, before lying down on the couch and sleeping again until 11:30.  I've been up for three hours now and still feel as though I've been pulled through a wringer washer backward.  Since I'm certain that is more information than you wanted, I'll sign off for the week with a photo my brother sent me of this morning's sunrise.

Have a great week everyone, take care and stay well!


  1. Our Co-op has both curbside delivery and at home delivery. I haven't used it as of yet, but things are getting bad out there and this is looking better and better.

    Love that photo. It is gorgeous.

    God bless.

  2. What a wonderfully crafty week you have had. It is all so nice. Love that picture you framed.
    Feel better!!!

  3. My gift shopping is done for this year. I would mention that it is also all wrapped but when I told my friend she threatened me with bodily injury. As for baking -- that was done years ago, as in I just don't anymore.

  4. I have more shopping to do and just got started on it really. I used to be done by September! Those were the days! Yours is a wonderfully crafty Christmas time of loving gifts. Anything hand made is a treasure to me. Don't get those any more. Seeing that beautiful picture you framed (Michael's has great stuff like that) would please me as well. Here back several years ago, I had a calendar made of mine. I chose from my Flickr account. $$ but fun. Have a great week coming up.

  5. You are very crafty! We all know that and I'm always envious of your creativity. The puff slippers are the same yarn I use and they are so warm. I need to make another pair, they're my favourite. I copied the pattern directions (also free) when I found it into a word doc so will always have it. I'm not good at remembering. This pair has been taken apart at the heel a couple of times and redone when they stretched and got too sloppy but I didn't bother with the extra sole. :)
    I love the bootie style but I didn't do those (yet).
    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. You certainly had a creative week. Now if you can learn to make rugs out of Walmart bags, you could put a dent in climate change:)
    Sure hope you are feeling better now. That didn't sound like fun.

  7. Your framed photo looks fantastic, as does your re-made sleigh decoration. 👌

    I also like that slipper pattern! Mom would always put a pair of knitted slippers into my stocking. Nice memory.

    That sunrise was magnificent. It must be amazing to live somewhere that you clearly can see sunrises and sunsets.

    Have a good week ahead and take care!

  8. I love that photo that you got framed. It is truly beautiful.

  9. Christmas baking...mmmm. You have quite the set of skills, whether with food or crafts. I have no skills, so I am envious. I wonder, though, that even as good as you are at knitting, that the clothes you make for Eli fit him once they are completed. I know how children grow, and grow fast!

  10. Hope you feel better soon. You have been busy! You have lots of projects going and your sled is so cute! Good project!

  11. You have been VERY crafty, go you. We are doing a very downsized Christmas (my move, the pandemic, restuarant business lockdown and so on) I will make up for it during the year so I dont break the rules. Feel better. I am going to do a blogmas, but on my blog facebook page.


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