Saturday 9 January 2021

Puttering along

 The first full week of January 2021 is in the books.  It's been a good week here with decent weather. I'll take it as my FB memories keep reminding me of the years that we had temperatures into the -30's (-22F). The forecast thus far, doesn't indicate temperatures dropping below the high teens (-18C/0F) for the next two weeks.  If I can't be somewhere warm, I'll take it!

I cleaned up Christmas on Sunday, leaving out a few snowman ornaments so the rooms don't look quite so barren.  The last of the scarves was finished and I spent some time weaving in the ends, then they all got tossed in the wash to reduce the amount of cat hair that I'm sure was on them.  The photo was taken pre-wash, because once they were out of the dryer I put hem into a bag to keep them clean. I managed to use up a lot of leftover yarn, some I'd bought on clearance but in insufficient quantities to make anything more, and the rest from completed projects.

Monday was a busy day, if not a little scattered. It started with me cleaning the bathrooms, and when I went to get some cleaning products from the hall closet I decided it was a mess.  Somehow or another that led me to the kitchen where I decided the area under the sink also needed a clear out and a scrub.  Safe to say, by the time everything was pulled out, the shelves, interior of the cupboards scrubbed, things rearranged and put away the toilet cleaner had done its job too. :)  Oh, and since I had the window cleaner out to clean mirrors I carried on and cleaned the windows in the kitchen...and that meant I cleaned the bay window space as well.  I started a box of items to donate of various items that were cluttering up these areas.  Sometimes I wonder whether I have attention deficit disorder like my daughter but I generally manage to finish my least eventually.

Tuesday I tackled the basement, washing floors in the laundry room, furnace room, and bathroom. The bathroom needed a good scrub too, although my son keeps it reasonably decent, his idea of clean and mine are slightly different.  All the while the laundry was doing it's thing.  That took most of the morning, so in between loads I worked on my jigsaw puzzle and read blogs.

It was grocery day on Wednesday, and I delivered the scarves to Awasis: A Place of Hope, a newly opened warming center here in the city. I had planned to donate to another charitable organization but one of their staff was diagnosed with Covid-19 recently so they've temporarily stopped donations. (Update: they re-opened on Friday).  I was surprised when I walked into the warming center to have my temperature taken, but I can imagine they need to take every precaution.

More housework was accomplished on Thursday. Sigh, it just never ends. But I did get into my craft room and start working on a few more pieces.  I've decided to use up the supplies I purchased for Christmas projects (or most of them at least), and tuck those away for a craft sale next fall. In addition I've got a couple of spring themed items that are for me.  I;ll admit I made a stop at the Dollar store on Wednesday and bought a few more items home. I'm really enjoying this creative outlet as it gives my hands a break from knitting and crocheting.

These are my finishes this week, or as finished as they are right now.  I'm thinking I might add some raindrops to the umbrella and hanger needs to be added to the Christmas picture. 

I've started another crochet project as well, though it got off to a rough start when I had to start over not once, not twice, but three times.  Perhaps taking the time off to craft messed with my muscle memory...or something. 

I had a very quiet day on Friday, the housework was pretty much caught up so except for daily chores I relaxed, watched PVR'ed television and worked on Ancestry for much of the morning. Saturday was similar, and I can't tell you exactly what I did but it's early evening, I'm watching the Rams play Seattle (go Seahawks).  It was a colder day today, and while I did get out to feed the birds, I didn't stay out there very long.  

Have a good week everyone! 


  1. We started today with installing some new stereo speakers, which evolved into pulling the big cabinet out to clean around and behind, which evolved in sorting a bunch of CDs and records, which had me going to the junk room in the basement....a lot of sorting and cleaning got done here too! It must be a January thing.

  2. Nice donations! I am certain they were appreciated! Isn't it funny how one simple cleaning ends up a big deal...but the results are worth it!

  3. Those scarves are beautiful and I know there will be some happy wearing them. What a thoughtful thing to do.
    Sorry about that game. I watched that game also--sorry the Seahawks had to end their season that way.

  4. -18C?? Wow, that is bitter cold compared to our -8C. Interesting what we call 'normal'. All of your craft projects are lovely. Cleaning? Well, although I miss the space of a sticks and bricks home sometimes, I sure don't miss all the rooms to clean. ;)
    Thinking and crafting ahead to spring is a great way to pass the time.

  5. I LOVE the truck sign. I need to start making some spring cards and decor. Om trying not to enter stores but I may have to see what door store has in craft supplied. I also have skeins and partial skins to use up. Scarves aren't as needed here as there but I bet the homeless groups could use them. Or maybe more shawl like for nursing homes.

  6. I so enjoy seeing all your projects. And I'm sure the scarves were much appreciated!

    Yes, one things always leads to another, whether decluttering, reorganizing and cleaning, or doing renos (or any other project, really!). I've been in a frenzy of decluttering yet again, it's mind-boggling to me that my garage is filled AGAIN. I will have to wait some time for any pickup, though. Even through the summer local organizations were not picking up, and of course now we're in full lockdown yet again. No matter, I'll keep at it, and then it will be a huge pickup when things open up again. Ditto for the junk guys; I'll need them again this spring. You'd think I was a hoarder, but of course I'm not, I just have a lot of little stuff stored all over the house. So many thing I don't need or use.

    As for other projects, I'm working on a very simple knitted throw. The wool (on sale from Michael's before Christmas) isn't what I wanted, but it has variegated colours and is very thick and textured, so even a simple garter stitch looks good. I like easy things! :-D

    Take care, have a great week!

  7. P.S. The bonus to having to wait for donation pickup or any kind of disposal is that I've found two items I had packed up sometime in 2020 that I actually "rescued" and brought back into the house for use. LOL. I'm always too quick to give stuff away, then I end up re-buying a similar or duplicate item when I'm at a thrift store. Now I can just "shop" my garage. LOL.

  8. Love the scarves. Nice way to use scraps. They will sure help someone stay warm. Cute projects.
    Somedays it seems one chore leads to another to another...... I hate it when that happens! LOL
    Stay safe and have a good week.

  9. OH I swear, we must be related in the back of beyond or something. Except I don't have, as mentioned before, the knitting and crocheting gene. You'd swear I had 2 neurons in my brain to use when someone does that and I watch. It's like...duhhh. But I have all but one closet cleaned out, things were donated and things taken to the dump. I will go into another room to get something or deliver something and see a mess and think...just a quick straighten up. And back to the other. I wind up rushing back and forth to each till they are done. Heaven help if I see a tuft of fur along the baseboard. Or a cob web. I go running to the broom and then, every room gets gone over. THEN I return to the original. Keeps us limber and in shape, girl!

  10. Lord help if I decide ALL the glass light shades will have to come down so I can wash them. I'm too short, and I'd have to rent me a man.

  11. You do keep busy! i like your creative spirit.

  12. Good for you on making all those scarves for donation. I am sure they were greatly appreciated.

    The Christmas picture is lovely.

    God bless.

  13. Such pretty scarves, and how kind of you to donate them!


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