Saturday 2 January 2021

Warming up to January

I started the week off with more shovelling, as we'd had snow over the day on Sunday (after I'd been out to shovel).  There wasn't a lot of snow out there but with the vehicle traffic pulling into my driveway to turn around there was some snow pack that I wanted to chip away at.  It was chilly out there -14C (7F) but I was well bundled and warmed up even more as I worked. 

Tuesday we had more snow...sigh I'm so over winter already and it will be months yet before this white turning gray stuff disappears.  I didn't bother to shovel in the morning because we'd had less than a centimeter.  I had errands to run, a parcel to mail off to D, groceries to pick-up at Safeway and Walmart, cat litter at Pet Valu and an order for a new microwave bulb at Canadian Tire.  I'd also ordered new Rubbermaid tubs at CT but they cancelled that part of my order, so I ended up having to turn around and go back to Walmart to get them. It meant going into the store, and though they are supposed to be limited to 25% capacity the parking lot and store were very busy.  I kept my visit short!

Back at home, I was putting away groceries when I looked out to the back yard.  I had a visitor to the bird feeder, and thought I went into the sun room and tapped on the window, it wasn't paying me any mind.  I'm pretty sure the birds got their fair share before it arrived.

I fill the feeder every morning, both inside where the squirrel is feeding from, and I put a pile on top of the feeder. The birds clean the stuff off the top very quickly!

I was kept busy, sort of, with housework.  But I did head outdoors just after lunch to shovel the driveway...again.  The snow that feel on Tuesday blew around and had drifted across the driveway, and the path out to the back yard also needed clearing.  

Once my chores were complete (or at least postponed until Thursday), I settled in on the couch to knit and to watch a few episodes of Animal Cops and North Woods Law, on a channel I'm getting in free preview. I worked on my 9th scarf with just one more ball of yarn to wrap up this project.  I need to weave in the ends and wash the scarves; once those tasks are completed, I'll deliver them downtown. 

Whoohoo, no shovelling was necessary on Thursday.  I was out early to take the garbage bin out to the street and feed the birds, and although it was cold -17C (1F), there was absolutely no wind.  I briefly considered going for a walk, but the sun wasn't yet up and it was cloudy so I wimped out and went back indoors.

More housework was completed, I tackled the fridge and got it cleaned out, scrubbed and reorganized.  I make a drive over to the local Michael's store to pick up an on-line order.  Glancing over at the Walmart I could see the parking lot was packed...glad I didn't need anything!

The rest of the day involved knitting, a bit of crocheting, lots of junior hockey (Go Canada go!), and simply relaxing.  AND wonder of all wonders, I managed to stay awake until midnight.  2020 is well and gone.  I don't think any of us will miss it. While only the date has changed I know I feel a sense of relief.

New Year's Day, Sasha had me up early to get breakfast for the cats, and I stayed awake long enough to chat with D at 7:30. Then I rolled over in the bed and slept until after 10, when Eli called to video chat. The rest of the day was quiet, with football, crocheting and knitting. 

Saturday was anything but quiet, I had hauled the bins and boxes into the living room the night before, and it was time to undecorate Christmas.  I did leave out a few items, the snowmen and clear snow flake ornaments have been allowed to hang out.  Otherwise the living room looks barren. 

Once that chore was complete, I decided to test out my ice grippers and go out for a walk. I probably didn't need the grippers except when walking across the street of our crescent, it's sheer ice under the snow.

Although I've been walking indoors most days, I definitely noticed the difference walking in boots in the snow and I sure felt it too!  There a few people out walking, a couple cross country skiing, and evidence of many dogs.  I'll leave that to your imagination.

I did find a few rabbits too.

I laughed at the bunnies in the raised garden bed.  I wonder if there are some plants to nibble on? 

They blend in pretty well in the snow but their ears give them away. 

Over at the pond, the ice has been cleared for a hockey and skating rink.  No one was out this morning, but the temperatures were above freezing this afternoon so I suspect it was in use then.  

Back at home, I set a batch of dough to rise, before sitting down to watch hockey.  Four games today! There was an upset in the first game but the next too have gone as expected.  Our Canadian team is on the ice now and leading 2-0.  I'm certain they'll be in the semi-finals on Monday.

Later, when the buns were in the oven, I started a batch of chili for dinner. I worked on a jigsaw puzzle between periods, and worked on my final scarf when the games were on.  My Fitbit tells me I walked over 8 kms (5 miles) today. I'm pretty sure I'll sleep well tonight.

We're forecast for another warm day tomorrow with a high of 5C (41F). There was melting today, so tomorrow I'll head out with the ice chipper to make sure the driveway and front walks are clear since it's below freezing tonight. Most of my neighbours were doing that today...I was busy.

Take care everyone, stay well, and have a good week.


  1. Hello my friend. Sounds like a good week - but cold! Love your nature pictures.
    Wishing you well in this new year. Stay well and safe. Happy new year.

  2. That has been a busy time for sure! Time moves on and as you say it seems only the date changes and everything else is the same. You have white bunny rabbits? That is so cool, any I see are gray/brown.
    I miss having bird feeders around, the idea of feeding birds all winter appeals.
    you never seem to rest but I'm sure the hockey games and craft projects are calming. Continue to have fun but be careful on the ice! I am grateful for my ice grippers and ski poles.

  3. Ok, think you have convinced me that snow isn't just pretty. Lots of work. Loved the wild life--squirrel and bunnies. Impressed you made it to welcome in 2021 or was it just to make sure 2020 was gone? Either way, I didn't get close to seeing the change over.
    Stay safe and warm.

  4. I wonder why the rabbits' ears don't turn white too. That IS a give-away, doesn't seem best for camouflage, unless it's to blend in with bare tree trunks?

    Anyway, you've kept yourself well-occupied, as always. I've been out a bit, not much, even though it hasn't been overly cold yet, and wearing my walking spikes on my boots. The city doesn't do a great job on the sidewalks, and of course it's hard to see the ice underneath until you step on it.

    I didn't stay up to see in 2021, I never do anymore, but by chance I woke just a few minutes before midnight. So I wished Derry a happy new year, with the hope that shots in arms will put an end to this pandemic, and that the new year will be MUCH better.

    Take care!

  5. Happy New Year! Let's hope for an improvement -- although the bar was set pretty low in 2020.

  6. Happy New Year! I spend lots of time shoveling too, I should have shoveled a path to the workshop today but I did will be there when I get around to it!!

  7. Happy New Year. I think you have more snow than this little corner of the province. We have cleaned off the decks and a bit by the cars, but haven't really needed to do the driveway as of yet.

    Like you I am in and out of stores as quickly as is possible.

    God bless.

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! When I come here to your place to read what's going on with you there, I feel as though I am sitting at the kitchen table talking with you! At this point in my life I couldn't do the physical shoveling and ice chipping as I still have the problem that sent me for heart surgery 5 years ago. It is much much much better though, and as I write, I am out for walking rapidly each day, etc. thanks to that surgery. But the snow removal-- if I lived there would be past me. Good thing I don't have too much falling here each year. And I can get what falls off of the sidewalk at least. :-) Saku, you are an alarm clock too. Katie serves that function well. Oh, and I made home made caramels yesterday!

  9. It seems the shoveling is never ending in the winter for me too. I try to walk outside with cleats on my boots or shoes when it's not too windy or cold. My nearest Walmart isn't following the capacity guidelines either, and I always do curbside pickup. Hope your New Year is a healthy and happy one!

  10. No snow here since before Christmas. I don't mind that, as there are plenty of hard, icy patches, and a little snow on that disguises it all: very hazardous for bicycle-riding, among other things.


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