Saturday 17 April 2021

What goes up or what comes down

 You'll have seen the photos of the snow we got earlier in the week; today we're forecast for a high of 16C (61F).  Now what season of the eleven is this?  BTW, I can't take credit for the 11 Seasons in Canada - my brother found it and sent it to me.

Looking back over the week, I spent a lot of time on Ancestry tracing family members, catching up on television I missed while watching curling, catching up on housework that didn't get done while I was watching curling, and oh yeah...watching more curling. :) 

The latest event began Thursday morning and runs through to Monday.  It was delayed one day, not only to allow for the changeover of the ice surfaces but to ensure that there were no further concerns with Covid-19.  This is a Grand Slam of Curling event - not associated with Curling Canada.  Many years ago the top teams in Canada boycotted the Curling Canada events and created this separate division. I don't recall the reasons but it had to do with the need for rule changes.  For example, in years past a game could go ten ends (think innings in baseball) with no one scoring until the last end because it was a very defensive game.  The GSoC changed the rules to require first a three, then four, and finally five rock role.  This means that rocks in front of the house (called the free guard zone) cannot be hit by the opposing team until the fifth stone has been thrown.  This usually ensures there are more rocks in play, resulting in a more offensive game, and much more entertaining game for the audience to watch.  It's interesting that many of the rule changes that came about because of the GSoC have been adopted, not only in Canada, but in World curling as well.  

On the Ancestry front, I've mostly been researching more current family members, from about 1850 onward.  They still continue to name their children the same names so things get a bit confusing at times but in most cases there is a second name and the records I'm viewing are much better.  This week I came across a distant cousin who married a scoundrel.  The couple had three children together, but it appears he was already married to another woman at the time, and remarried the same year that his youngest child with the distant cousin was born.  There is also evidence he changed his name and went to live in a religious community when he abandoned the family. It's not clear how many wives he had (potentially six or more) or how many children he fathered.  This all occurred in the early 1900's in Canada and the United States.  She and her children appear to have been separated at as well and she may have lived in a reservation in the U.S. for some time.  Perhaps the children were adopted as I cannot find information beyond the late 1910's.

I have not done anything with my knitting or crocheting this week.  Perhaps today, or not.  I did get some tomatoes and peppers seeds started this week. The little peat pots are sitting in the kitchen window looking out over the sun room.  It's the sunniest space in the house so hopefully I'll see some sprouts in the next week.  If not I'll have to purchase some plants.  I watched a video on FB (where else), of a gardener planting a pot including a red pepper plant as the highlight, with coleus, trailing petunias, coral bells, a grass and one other plant that escapes me all in "hot colors". It was a big pot! But I loved the idea of including the vegetable with the flowers and may try to emulate this, in a smaller version on my back deck - it gets a lot of sun. I know that tomatoes and marigolds are companion plants as well. Hmmm....I'm thinking it will be very colorful back there.  There are garden centers opening up here, but I'll wait because I have no desire to be dragging plants in and out of the garage for the next month.

Speaking of weather, the blowing snow created quite the piece of art, covering over the chair in my wordless Wednesday post.  Here's what it looks like this morning.  The sun hasn't quite got around to the south yet, but I expect this will be gone by late today or early tomorrow. 

I checked the weather forecast and we're doing the yo-yo for the next while, warm weather, then cooler, then warmer.  So it goes.  

It's just about time for the next draw to be televised. So I'll close this off by wishing you all a great week ahead. 



  1. I'm glad the snow will melt soon! We have possible flurries mid-week,so I will have to cover my bleeding heart and the pansies I have on my front step. Last year's geraniums still look dead!

    Enjoythe rest of your weekend and have a great week!

  2. Glad the snow won't stick around too long. We are supposed to have maybe some flurries on Wednesday. Yuck.
    I love those kind of stories when doing family research. Those are the stories our elders kept quiet about - because heaven forbid someone else know!!! The dirt is fun to find as well as the ancestors.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Just a tiny bit of snow left on our front lawn (north facing) and it's 25C today, but I don't think it will have melted before we get our next dump tomorrow!!

  4. Had to smile about how you schedule around curling. I am the same way with baseball.
    That bigamist really put a crimp in your ancestry search. Such a rascal.

  5. Our front yard is now clear of snow (thank heavens we face south) and Harvey gave it a good raking.

    I used to say watching curling was like watching paint dry, but since they changed the rules it is a bit more exciting to watch.

    Is it not amazing what you can learn when searching on Ancestry?

    God bless.

  6. I see you got snow, I am sure we will get some again this week, however it was nice today! :)

  7. World curling surprised me. I thought curling was uniquely Canadian. I have to admit, i have never seen it played.

  8. I'm like Olga..I too thought Curling was a Canada event! And the rules changing...who made that decision for everyone? My gosh, that is a shame that boycotting occurred and things changed as they did. But it's done and done. The important thing get to watch it and I would be the same with my track and field watching whoever I can.

  9. I don't know that I like changing rules just so the audience can enjoy the game better. I know that means more television and more advertising revenue but I can't think that is a good reason to do things. Besides, I am easily confused, so new rules befuddle me...

    After a beautiful spring day yesterday, with sunshine and 21 degree temperatures, we have snow and a temperature about zero. Up and down, back and forth, like your weather...

  10. I like the idea of a veggie planted with flowers too. It's been snowing and snowing here so I have not had the heart start any seeds yet. Maybe next week. Good for you getting started!


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