Thursday, 30 June 2022

Throwback Thursday

 Since I totally forgot Wordless Wednesday, I thought I'd try to make up for it with a throwback. This post is from June 29, 2018, just a year or so after I started this blog. There were a few loyal readers who followed me here, so this will be new for many of you.

At the time I was a few months away from retirement, Eli was a toddler, and he and his mom were living with me. I was trying the prep the house for sale the following year (which as you know never happened.) I recall it was a busy and hectic time - and that point the move for D and Eli wasn't even on the horizon.

The bathrooms are nearing completion, hooray!  I'm not sure if I mentioned it but the cabinet refacing was delayed due to a death in the family of the worker.  Then, because I wanted to have the bathrooms painted before the sinks and faucets were installed, that had to wait until D and Eli went to B.C.  They left on Tuesday, I took a day of vacation and got them both painted and today the plumber is here to finish the installation.  All that will be left to do is rehang the mirrors...not something I'm looking forward to.

I really like that the banjo counter is gone.  It did add more counter space, but it made it nearly impossible to get into the back of the toilet.  

My daughter is trying to convince me to get an over the toilet storage unit.  I probably will for the main bathroom as she has soooo much stuff.  I can manage in my ensuite as I didn't use the extra counter space.  I have a three tier plastic container that I keep under the sink - it provides all the storage I need.

The sinks are installed but the plumber is having some issues with the seals - they are plastic and are leaking a bit.  I expect he'll be here a little longer to get that taken care of - he says the only option is to silicone "the hell" out of them. Turns out it wasn't the seals it was old water.  Not sure how he can tell but I trust he knows what he is doing. 

At the same time, the company that has been installing new higher speed internet cable in the neighbourhood are finally finishing the work in the back yard.  I'm watching two men go back and forth from the front yard to the back with wheelbarrows full of gravel.  I took a look out the sunroom and it looks like they'll be here awhile...the hole is quite deep.  I haven't decided if I'll sign up for it or not, while it may be faster, I suspect the cost will be much higher as well.

That other finish line, is retirement.  I'll be taking another marble out of the jar next week leaving just five marbles!  When I look back I cannot believe how quickly the time has past, even though looking forward it still seems like a long way off.  I had my performance review with my manager yesterday and asked for a couple of projects to keep me busy into the fall as I've gotten into my routine and am finding things have slowed down.  When I get bored, I get bitchy...that's been the norm for me for most of my life.

Anyway, I'll end this post with a picture of Eli. I took this photo the evening they left for B.C.  I guess he travelled fairly well, though D wasn't happy hauling baby and bags on her own.  They're having a blast now visiting with J and exploring Courtney/Comox.  I've seen photos and videos of Eli on the beach, playing on a swing, visiting Dad at the job site, and meeting his cousin Ethan.  

They are off to Port Hardy when J is off work today to visit with his grandparents and other relatives.  I sure miss the little guy (though I'm sure getting lots done around here without his assistance), but I'm happy to hear that all is well and he's having lots of fun.

It turned out the trip didn't go quite as well as I originally thought, and it was to be the last trip the two of them went to B.C.  Oh and I should add, my son and I were able to hang the mirrors on our own and they're still hanging. :)


  1. I remember that reno and your daughter and Eli's visit to BC! Goodness, Eli was so little then. Hard to believe it's just four years ago, really.

    Take care, have a wonderful Canada Day weekend!

  2. Such a cutie Eli was and is. Hope you rethought that over the toilet storage. I went that way and now it is not fun doing any work on the toilet tank--even simple stuff like new flappers..

  3. Eli is adorable! Such a cutie!

  4. Are you going to try to sell the house again in the near future?

  5. THis is a heckuva comment, tickle me. :-)


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