Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Getting close to the finish line

I am getting very tired of cleaning and clearing...and I think I'm reaching end of it.  I vacuumed the entire house yesterday (thinking of you Carole), replaced the fixture in the spare bedroom (on my own and it worked), and took the last batch of stuff to Value Village.  Today I washed walls in the living room and windows in the kitchen and living room.   Here are a few photos of the "finished product".  

 According to staging info I should remove the ottomans so that the room appears larger.  I'm of mixed feelings about that...I think the room is plenty big even with these here.

The now nearly empty spare room.  When we moved in just under 9 years ago, it looked like this!  Bit of a difference,

The main bathroom - the cabinets were refaced last year and the new counter top, sink and taps put in. It's a similar counter to the kitchen but with a shiny surface.  My bathroom had a similar treatment but I'm not sure how to take a photo of it, without putting myself in the picture.  It's a small bathroom!

The master bedroom with new curtains.  It is a large room as well.
The basement is pretty much empty, though at the other end of the room is my son's computer.  That area needs to be tied, and his bedroom too.  He's promised to spend part of the long weekend cleaning, so I can clean carpets next week.
 This is the area of the basement that I had insulated and drywalled several years ago.  The ceiling is quite low in this part, about 7 feet so it's not really usable space, except for storage.  My son does use the weight bench occasionally, but my daughter's elliptical hasn't.  So it is going out with the pile of rubbish in the garage as we've tried giving it away for free.  I suspect whoever picks it up, may keep it.

 The basement bathroom was redone a few years ago, with the addition of a shower, and replacement of the shower and sink cabinet.  It's so much nicer than it was when we moved in...no photos from that time but I assure you, it wasn't very pretty!
Finally the laundry room with the chest freezer and water softener.  I wish I had a couple of shelves to put the cleaning supplies on but I don't.  I'll leave that to the next owner.

I can continue to work on the garage and yard after it is listed though I'm hoping to get to do some work this weekend.  We're forecast to have lovely temperatures (up to 18C/66F), perfect for being outdoors.  The pine cones and needles on the front patio need to be swept up and put in the bin.  In the back yard, I need to go through the sheds and clear these out. There are some things that need to go to D; she can pick these up when she comes at the beginning of May.  Near to the end of May, regardless of whether the house is sold, I'll plant a few containers for some color.  This year though, I plan to keep it to no more than eight...or maybe nine or ten. :)

I'll call the real estate agent next week as I had forgotten this weekend is Easter. I'm sure he'll have some ideas for me as well...hopefully they won't cost me too much!  I do know the carpet in the master bedroom needs to be replaced but I'd be more willing to provide a credit to the purchaser.  It relieves of the need to move all the furniture out and they can put in what they would like.  We'll see where that gets me. 

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


  1. Our realtor told us not to replace the carpet (we are only doing so since we are staying). See what yours says based on the shape it is in. Maybe cleaned only. You've done a fabulous job getting it ready - fingers and toes crossed for you it goes smoothly

  2. I'm here! Here I come to save the dayyyyyyy! Get the vacuum out and wax, and all the other things. However...as with many I have somethings I won't do...washing walls unless totally necessary is one. Love seeing the house. If I lived there I'd buy it and it's just me and Katie. I have such a wee home. Only 1100 sq ft. inside. You may want to reconsider the ottomans. Only because they are quite large. Yep, the room is too, but they are of a personal-to-you design. However, the walls won't fall if you leave them there. :-)

  3. The house looks great. For selling I would probably move the ottomans only because they stop the eye where they are and make a large room look not as large.

  4. Wow, what a terrific job you've done, all the rooms look great! The funny thing is that for me, thinking as a potential buyer of any new home, it's not the staging I care out. I'd care if the house was filthy and cluttered, but staged? Nope. With what I know now, it's what's behind the walls that I'd care about, all the unseen things that could end up being costly repairs. (Not applicable in your situation, but you know what I mean.) So who cares whether you have an ottoman there or not? Are people that stupid and short-sighted? Uh, don't answer that!

  5. Be proud of the work you have done. Hope the real estate person has no suggestions and all is ready.

  6. You better rest a bit now! You have made great progress:)

  7. Good Heavens, you really are coming down to it with regard to selling the house, eh? I have no doubt that you are tired of cleaning. Sometimes, it seems a never-ending job. But it will end and you will be rewarded for all your hard work. It'd be rather bittersweet to me...


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