Tuesday 16 April 2024

Trinadad - March 17

Although I didn't venture far from the ship in Trinidad, it turned out to be a very interesting day.

The port in Port of Spain in Trinidad is clearly used more for an industrial port.

We weren't however, the only sea faring tourists in town that day. I hadn't realized until I was reviewing photos that the Royal Clipper was docked there too.

I noted this interesting building in the distance and after an internet search, determined it is the National Acadamy for Performing Arts.

I also learned the building was opened in 2009, and contains "a 1500 seat theatre, dance room, piano room, sound lab, a lobby, a hotel, and a spacious auditorium". 

In the other direction there were a number of tall buildings. The green building in the center is the Goverment Campus Plaza, housing four government ministries, including Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise, National Security Immigration, and the Attorney General and Legal Affairs. On the left is the Radisson Hotel. I was unable, however to identify the black building on the right.

After taking my photos (Deck 16) and breakfast (Deck 15 aft), I headed down to Deck 7 Promenade to watch my fellow passengers disembark and the entertainment provided by the locals. 

About 10 a.m., I left the ship and spent a little over an hour on shore in the port area. I was able to use the WiFi to connect with D and then did some shopping. I picked up a t-shirt for Eli, pepper sauce for my son C, and some pain relief salve for myself. It was made by a local woman. It smells lovely, and seems to work well.

Back on ship, I spent a good portion of the afternoon on the Promenade Deck reading and watching the activity off the side of the ship. At one point, an ambulance rolled up to pick up a passenger from the medical center. It took some time for the attendants (both ship and ambulance personnel) to bring the patient out to the waiting ambulance. As they were loading him, the stretcher collapsed dropping the patient (still on the stretcher, thankfully) to the ground. He was clearly conscious and appeared quite shaken but they had him loaded shortly and left the port area. Poor guy!

Later, I headed out to the pool before showering and changing for dinner. Before the solo meet-up we had sail-away so I went back to Deck 7 for that. However, we were delayed as yet another passenger was being transported to hospital by ambulance. I didn't wait to see who was being brought off the ship, instead I went to meet the solo group.

Monica, one of the solo group, shared with us her experience in Trinidad. She had been battling a bit of a cold and run out of cough medicine. There was nothing in the port area, so she had gone across the pedestrian crossing to the city where she found a farmacia. As she left the store she saw a church across the way, and was making her way towards it when a police officer stopped her and told her to return to the port area. She noticed a couple from the ship were heading in the same direction but were not stopped.

Later that afternoon she ran into them again and learned that they had visited the church, before venturing further down the street. On their way back to the ship, they suddenly heard gun shots and the police quickly sent them on their way. They posted on FB saying, "Two shots rang out, I heard the pops then "zing" go by. , I yelled "Gun!" and ducked behind a concrete trash can. Several more shots." They went on to say, that it did not appear that anyone was injured. But I can tell you, their experience made me appreciate my quiet afternoon on the ship.

Sunset that evening appeared in a hazy sky

The following day was a sea day, primarily spent reading or crocheting, with a little time in the pool. 

Next up - Aruba


  1. That would have been a scary experience. Glad you were safely on board.

  2. Oh dear so glad that no one was injured in the shots fired episode and that you were safely aboard the ship.

    God bless.

  3. You never can tell who is in a crowd anymore, some people are just nuts.

  4. I am pretty sure I too, would be happy for my quiet afternoon.


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